Terror network: Intelligence agencies probing links of detainee

Jubair Ahmed was born in Sialkot and lived there until he was 19 years old.

Asad Kharal September 04, 2011


Domestic intelligence agencies are collecting information about an accused, Jubair Ahmed, who is being detained in the United States, and his possible connections with terrorist networks, sources told The Express Tribune on Saturday.

The FBI has charged the 19-year-old man, who is a permanent US resident, of providing material support to a proscribed terrorist organisation and giving false statements in a terrorism investigation.

According to the US immigration record, Jubair Ahmed was born in Sialkot and lived there until the age of 19.

It is learnt that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and FBI are investigating Pakistani national residents, including Jubair Ahmed, for their association with LeT or other banned outfits and exploring possible links with Talha, son of LeT chief Hafiz Saeed, who stayed in the US for over a year. He is learnt to have gone abroad a second time to get a beard transplant.

According to an affidavit attached with the criminal complaint filed by the FBI, Jubair produced and uploaded a propaganda video for LeT on YouTube after communicating with Talha September last year. In a subsequent conversation with another person, Jubair identified Talha as Talha Saeed, son of LeT leader Hafiz Saeed. Talha and Jubair allegedly discussed the selection of images and music for the video. The final version shows trucks exploding after being hit by improvised explosive devices. After Talha allegedly contacted Jubair and instructed him to revise the video, Jubair posted the new video last October. When FBI agents interviewed him this August, he denied any involvement. The FBI launched an investigation after getting a tip-off.

The FBI has charged Jubair with providing material support to LeT by glorifying violence in the video.

The FBI alleges that LeT is engaged in imparting commando training to its recruits, including teenagers, at its terror camps inside Pakistan and is involved in religious indoctrination. In the complaint submitted before a federal court in Virginia on Friday, the FBI said this is reflected in Jubair’s communication, who is a permanent US resident.

“These communications demonstrate that, as a teenager, in or about 2004, Jubair attended LeT training course known as Dora Suffa where he received instruction in religious dogma and proselytising,” the complaint said.

He attended LeT’s basic training camp known as Dora A’ama, where he received additional religious indoctrination and weapons instruction.

Jubair said that recruits, ‘listen to lectures, offer their prayers, exercise, study guns, fire them’ at Dora A’ama, adding that now they impart commando training there, the FBI said. Jubair reported for Dora Khasa, a commando course. He spent only a week there, however, because an instructor at the training camp told Jubair that he was too young and he could return after completing his studies, stated the complaint signed by an FBI special agent, Daudshah S Andish.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 4th, 2011.


maestro | 10 years ago | Reply

@R S JOHAR: Well said. Overwhelming number of Pakistanis hate even the idea of talebanisation. No one made anyone a "superpower". I wish this political game of who has the bigger you know whats would stop already so we can all be friends and trade with each other, learn about each other. I am proud to say a large number of my best friends are Indians. Superpower aside, this is one thing that the US gives people of the world - the opportunity to mingle. I was completely floored when I was taking SAP software classes in the US with about 20 indians - I was the only Pakistani in the class - during lunch, all of them invited me to eat with them and refused to touch the roti until I had the first bite. And then we all dug in :-) I hope our billion and half people can see that level of respect and love someday.

cuccoo bird | 10 years ago | Reply

@omar: please,,, make India a superpower,,, please...

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