Four reasons why you should use Basecamp

Here are some features you should explore in Basecamp to make project management easier for you

Markhan Hussain October 09, 2023

Basecamp, a popular project management tool, has been helping teams worldwide streamline their work processes and enhance collaboration for years.

Its user-friendly interface and versatile features make it a go-to choice for businesses and teams of all sizes. If you have not explored it yet, here are some reasons why you should use Basecamp;

1. Instant messaging with Campfire

Basecamp has a tool called Campfire which is an excellent tool for quick discussions. It's ideal for keeping everyone in the loop without crowding your project's message board. Use it for short updates, brainstorming, informal conversations, and exchanging files or code.

2. Change your participation type

As a project team, you are part of different groups. If you are a part of a project chat/group where you don't want to receive notifications, then you can opt to "only follow" the project. With this feature, you will retain complete access to it, but notifications will be on mute. You won't receive updates from the project unless someone mentions you using "@yourname" or assigns you a task.

To enable this setting, click on the three-dot menu located to the right of the project name. From there, select the "Switch to just following" option.

3. Catch up on everything

Catching up on everything after coming back from vacation is a task in itself. Basecamp comes to your rescue with its Catch-Up feature.

You can utilize the "Catch Up" link situated in the upper-right corner of any project to access a summary of everything that occurred on a specific day. This includes details like new files and to-dos added, as well as discussions that received comments. To review events from different days, simply click the navigation arrows found at the top left and right of the "Catch Up" page.

4. Integrated Apps

Basecamp has various integrated apps such as Dropbox, Slack, and Gmail that make it easier for you to have all the files in one place. Depending on your project requirements, you can choose the integrations that best suit your workflow and enhance your productivity.


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