Umrah passengers: 10 hurt as storm hits PIA flight

Awan confirmed only six injuries and reassured that plane safely landed at Allama Iqbal Airport.

Express September 01, 2011

LAHORE: A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Lahore-bound flight carrying 468 Umrah pilgrims on Tuesday was struck by a storm leaving ten passengers injured, The Express Tribune has learnt.

PK flight 7322, travelling from Jeddah to Lahore, got stuck in an air pocket causing the plane to dive leaving  passengers terrified, said PIA spokesperson Athar Awan.

He added that only those passengers who had not fastened their seatbelts received minor injuries. While ten have been reported as injured, Awan confirmed only six injuries and reassured that the plane had safely landed at Allama Iqbal Airport at its scheduled time.  He added that air pockets were a routine problem for airplanes. The incident took place over Rahim Yar Khan.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 31st,  2011.


pilot | 10 years ago | Reply

Are any of you pilots, or just wannabe pilots. Mr Kaiser youre comments reflect your lack of knowledge on the subject. 1. Air pockets and clear air turbulence are factors that exist and are unpredictable and invisible, therefore the announcement at the start of every flight to keep your seatbelts fastened at all times. The aircraft flew through turbulence, and the passengers did not have their seatbelts fastened, despite the fact that the seatbelt signs were on. They chose to ignore this mandate and suffered the consequences of their ignorance. The only passengers injured were the ones NOT wearing their seatbelts. But I dont see you telling the chief justice to investigate why the passengers werent wearing their seatbelts, or how by not doing so, they could have killed other passengers on the airplane who were wearing their seatbelts, by being thrown out of their seats and into the heads and bodies of other passengers.

2.Your comments about Air France 447 further reflects your ignorance on the subject. It is now well known fact, derived from the data recorders recently recovered from the ocean, that AF447 hit the ocean 100% INTACT and completely capable of flying. That was an example of pilot error, but i dont think you wrote to Air France, or the French govt demanding an investigation.

3.Do you think the pilots dont have families and loved ones waiting for them? Do you think they would knowingly fly an aircraft thats unsafe? Are they suicidal?

Ignorance is bliss Gentleman. But how typical of you to comment on something you know nothing off, pretending like you know the topic inside out. Leave the professionals to do their job, dont try and do it for them. On every flights theres a bunch of clowns who think they can fly the airplane better than the pilots.

Balma | 10 years ago | Reply What is this ? What does it mean by Umrah flight?
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