Blood brothers: 2 killed from electric shock

Nasim was trying to rescue Kashif and was also electrocuted.

Ppi August 30, 2011


Two brothers were electrocuted and died after receiving a severe electrical shock on Monday.

According to rescue officials, the brothers died while trying to save each others life. The incident occurred in a small industrial unit near Sialkot city’s congested Khan Mehal Cinema Road.

According to rescue officials, electrical machinery at the site short circuited after a water leakage from the roof top of the small industrial unit following heavy rain fall. Kashif Javaid, 28, started work at the site and received a severe electrical shock from the machine and when his brother Nasim, 16, tried to save him he also received a shock. Rescue officials said that both men died on the spot. The brothers have been laid to rest in their native graveyard in Sialkot city’s congested Boochar Khan-Rangpura locality in the presence of hundreds of the mourners.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 31st, 2011.