Shiraz Uppal says his father wouldn’t let him pursue music without an MBA

The singer promised fans that he’ll make a comeback with pop songs

Entertainment Desk July 28, 2023

Singer Shiraz Uppal, who is known for his Coke Studio song Tu Kuja Man Kuja, recently revealed that his father was never in favour of his music career and only agreed for him to pursue his passion if he completed his MBA. The singer, who's been a popular name in he music industry since 1995, also shared insights on the instant fame model that is now, all thanks to social media. 

Uppal made a guest appearance on the chat show Chocolate Times where he was asked whether he had someone from his industry in the entertainment field already when he joined. To which, he said, “No, not at all. My father was an army officer so it was even more difficult for me to explain my passion to him.”

He further added that his father would refer to his passion as something derogatory. “He used to say things like, ‘tu eh banna hai? (you really wanna become this)’ as something he looks down upon but he had only one demand. He wanted me to complete my MBA and then I was allowed to do whatever I want,” he shared. 

Talking about how, with the popularity of social media, and especially TikTok, its easier to catch the limelight now, the Larki Achari crooner said, “When I entered the industry back in 1995 when I was doing my MBA, there was little to no support. Maybe my music wasn’t good enough or maybe people couldn't relate to it back then. But I persisted and got a great response on Tera Tay Mera – my second album.” 

He jokingly added the term “artist” has evolved over time and now even TikTok stars are called artists. “They’re the real artists only. Time is evolving though, and who knows what the limit of fame will be in the future. Maybe people only listen for a few seconds or a minute.” 

Moving to his upcoming work, Uppal promised his fans that he will be releasing a single almost every month now. “It’s been a decade that I have been singing only film songs and OSTs, so I have been neglecting my pop music. I will make a comeback now,” he exclaimed.

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