Amnesty petitions Pakistan over disappearances

The human rights group alleged the disappearances have increased dramatically since Pakistan became a US ally.

Reuters August 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Amnesty International has called on Pakistan's government to end what it calls the growing practice of disappearances enforced by the state.

In an Aug 29 petition on its website, the human rights group alleged the disappearances have increased dramatically since Pakistan joined the American war on militancy after the 9/11 attacks.

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Those detained, including activists, journalists and students, are sometimes found dead, with signs of torture. Thousands may have fallen victim to the practice, Amnesty said.

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Amnesty said a judicial commission of enquiry on the so-called enforced disappearances "had failed to resolve the crisis or to hold the security forces and intelligence agencies to account in cases implicating them."

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"The Prime Minister of Pakistan who controls the security agencies needs to urgently step in to address this human rights situation," Amnesty said on its website.

It noted that enforced disappearances occur frequently in Balochistan. The province has been facing a low-level insurgency by nationalists who want more control over its natural resources, which they say are unfairly exploited by the federal government.

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Amnesty said there were 93 recorded cases of people killed after being reported missing between October 2010 and May 2011 in Balochistan.

Pakistan's military and security forces deny allegations of human rights abuses in the country, a strategic US ally.

Pakistan's army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said: "There has been no military operation conducted in Balochistan since 2008. There is infighting going on between various militant groups, and they are kidnapping and killing each other".


Baloch | 11 years ago | Reply Balochistan is going off the hands. People in Balochistan are suspending their Eid celebrations in protest of Pakistani state. It is the maximum limit to prove the situation is beyond the control now.
iftikhar | 11 years ago | Reply

Such Hypocrites! Amnesty is concerned about dissapearance of people in Pakistan. Lol! Why dont u guys lodge a petition against American Govt who has killed millions of innocent muslims in a decade. who have detained thousands of muslims in badname zamana guntanamo bay kind of jails where they r tortured, descriminated, their holy books flushed in toilets and even killed without having any fair trial or evidence and even there kin r not aware of their location. who have killed thousands of innocent people in air strikes and tell the world its collateral damage... Shame on our media as well that how they promote western propoganda against our country.

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