Four lions escape from circus in Sheikhupura

The big cats entered a nearby plaza before being caught by rescue workers and circus staff after a few hours

Asif Mehmood May 18, 2023


Four lions escaped from their cage at a circus in Sheikhupura on Wednesday night, causing fear and panic among the residents of the area.

The lions escaped late last night after strong storm winds damaged the circus cage. They were later recaptured by rescue workers and circus staff.

The incident occurred in the Mela Pir Bahadur Shah area of Sheikhupura. The circus had been set up for the annual celebration of a local Sufi saint.

The lions entered a nearby plaza after breaking free from their cages. Panic spread among the people as news of the lions' escape spread. Some young men armed with sticks and weapons set out to kill the lions.

During the incident, one circus worker sustained minor injuries but fortunately received immediate medical attention.

After a few hours, rescue workers and circus staff were successfully able to capture the cats again before they could hurt anybody else.

The Punjab Wildlife Department has taken notice of the incident and ordered an investigation. The department is also checking the details and licenses of the lions from the circus management.

According to the law, the use of such dangerous animals for entertainment purposes, including showcasing acts in public areas and circuses, is a criminal offence.

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Animal rights activists have condemned the use of wild and dangerous animals for entertainment. They have demanded strict regulations on the use of such animals in circuses.

"The use of lions in circuses is a cruel and inhumane practice," said Badar Munir, a former chairman of the Punjab Wildlife and Parks Task Force. “If these lions had entered residential areas or attacked citizens, the consequences could have been severe.”

Munir called on the government to ban the use of lions in circuses. "This practice is a danger to both the animals and the public," he said, demanding that the lions be taken into government custody.


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