I feel comfortable presenting my body: Uorfi Javed on why men have no right to question her dressing

If there’s one thing certain about Javed, it’s that she could care less about what onlookers think about her

Entertainment Desk May 15, 2023

She’s bold, courageous and unabashed when it comes to speaking her mind. If there’s one thing certain about the internet’s latest sensation, Uorfi Javed, it’s that she could care less about what onlookers think about her the moment she steps out of her car.

Uorfi Javed Becomes Dirty Magazine's Cover Girl

Her clothes – or the lack of them – have often propelled her to making top read news of several portals. Even with many calling her out for one reason or the other, Uorfi has no intentions of slowing down.

In a recent interview, as quoted by The Indian Express, the social media star shared her thoughts about the way she dresses and why men have no right to question her. In the said interview, Uorfi said, “You have not suffered what I have, not seen what I have seen. If I feel comfortable presenting my body and art in a certain way, then why are you getting so offended? I just don’t understand.”

She goes on to explain how she is no one to stop people from judging her fashion choices. However, she will continue to make money off of the judgment. She said, “I am exploiting my own capitalisation or sexualisation for the sake of money. But I don’t think skin show is the only reason I get fame.”

Uorfi Javed Turns Cover Girl For Dirty Magazine, Anaita Shroff Calls Her  'Undisputed Queen Of DIY'

When it was noted that she is challenging patriarchy with her ‘provocative’ clothing, she said it isn’t challenging at all. Uorfi added, “Don’t take everything on your male hood, that’s how this girl is able to do what she does, how did she get the permission… Guys feel their ego gets hurt, that how is she doing it, doesn’t she fear anything?”

Previously, in a tell-all with The Dirty Magazine, the rising star shared her journey in the entertainment industry and fashion world.  “I didn’t get any attention when I was young, so now I want it from the whole world. This is childhood trauma,” she snickered. 

“Who doesn’t want attention? Look at this industry, which actor doesn’t want attention? Why so many PR gimmicks for every movie promotion? Why do you want to get into this industry if you don’t want attention? You want to act na, so do theatre? Why do you want to become a movie star? In this industry, the more recognised or popular you are, the more work you get. And the truth is, everyone wants attention. At least I’m open about it," Uorfi had commented. 

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