Wildest crossover: Pakistanis want Andrew Tate to 'stay away' from Imran Khan

Are we even in the right dimension?

Entertainment Desk May 12, 2023

In what can only be called the strangest crossover - a true representation of life in the matrix, if you will - Andrew Tate has continued to tweet in favour of former Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Khan was apprehended by paramilitary officers outside the High Court in Islamabad. However, the Supreme Court declared the manner of his arrest illegal.

This prompted the former kickboxer and current influencer to tweet, "It seems Pakistan has an honest judicial system," sending fans of the two men into a frenzy. Earlier, Tate had also responded to the news of Khan's arrest, tweeting, "All the good guys go to jail," referring to his own stint with the law in Romania. 

As expected, the internet could not handle this crossover. While some rushed to claim Tate as their new father figure to whom they could look up, others cracked jokes about the absurdity of the entire situation.

One Twitter user shared a video of Thanos - the renowned Marvel villain - appearing suddenly, captioning it, "Andrew Tate coming out of nowhere to support Imran Khan."

Another user shared on the micro-blogging site, "Meet Mr Andrew Tate who earned 220 million people's respect who live in an occupied Pakistan by saying ‘All the good guys go to jail’ under Imran Khan's arrest video. Now the generous people of Pakistan will call him father without his permission.”

One user wondered if the dimension in which these events were taking place was legit, to begin with. "Altaf Hussain and Andrew Tate backing up Imran Khan. Are we even in the right dimension ourselves?" they wondered.

Some doubted Tate's intentions. "Andrew Tate looking for validation from Imran Khan's fan girls," tweeted one user.

The sheer unbelievable nature of the whole situation was best encapsulated by this Twitter user. "Andrew Tate defending Imran Khan has to be the weirdest crossover I’ve seen," they wrote, echoing the sentiments of many.

However, many asked Tate to 'stay away' from their leader.

It is worth noting, however, that Tate himself recently faced legal troubles. He was arrested in Romania on allegations of human trafficking, rape, and involvement in an organized criminal group, as reported by The New York Times. Tate and his brother Tristan, along with two Romanian women, were detained and subsequently released on house arrest pending further investigation.

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