Bilawal accuses SC of ‘contempt of parliament’

Judges must show respect towards parliamentarians and the prime minister, says foreign minister

News Desk April 26, 2023
Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari addressing the National Assembly in Islamabad on April 26, 2023. PHOTO: TWITTER/ @NAofPakistan

Foreign Minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Wednesday accused the Supreme Court of "insulting" the Parliament by not adhering to the Constitution.

"The Supreme Court wants to impose a minority decision by turning it into a majority one. We will not accept it under any circumstances," he said during his address in the National Assembly.

He said that the role of the top court is not to bring about changes in the Constitution, and that the judges must show respect towards the members of Parliament and the prime minister, just as they are respected.

He said that a letter is not enough as the Parliament was insulted and its privileges were violated. Therefore, he suggested that the matter be taken up by the privilege committee.

Bilawal reposed confidence in Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and emphasised the entire parliament's support for the Constitution. He also noted the potential danger to Pakistan, its people, and the federation in the ongoing political fight.

The foreign minister said that they would have accepted the decision if the court had given orders to hold elections in Punjab and K-P only but the verdict indicated "something is fishy".

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Bilawal criticised the court's orders to "disobey" the Parliament, highlighting that the House supported the "majority decision of four judges".

He asserted that the judiciary's orders to "ignore" the Parliament were unacceptable, refusing to acknowledge it. He questioned how anyone could contemplate breaking the Constitution and issuing such an order.

The PPP chairman stated that all major political parties in the country have reached a consensus on holding elections on a single day nationwide. He also called upon the judiciary to stay within its limits and allow the parliament to function without interference.

Bilawal called on the heads of all institutions to take note of the situation and strive to be remembered in history in good words through dialogue.

He asserted that political dialogue must be conducted within the parliament, rather than in courtrooms, stating that if political parties engage in a dialogue, it will not only preserve democracy and the federation, but also uphold the institutions' honour and dignity.

Bilawal emphasised that the PPP firmly adheres to the Constitution and cannot overlook the Parliament. He also stated that the Parliament is the guardian of the national treasury and the maker of laws, and that it is the Parliament's prerogative to determine how and where the national wealth will be spent.

He further added that they are obligated to follow the directives of the Parliament, not any other institution.


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