Govt decides to set up gas utility courts

Published: June 27, 2010

The federal government has decided to set up gas utility courts throughout the country to overcome the menace of gas theft and recover dues from chronic defaulters.

This development comes as part of amendments suggested in the draft of the Gas Utility Companies Act 2010. The draft has been sent to major industrial groups. Feedback is expected within the next 30 days.

Under the new law, district level gas courts will be set up. Those found guilty of gas theft, will be penalised with three years imprisonment or a fine of Rs5 million or both.

Gas companies will be empowered to suspend gas to any consumer or sector at any time for operational reasons.

After approval of the act in the assembly, gas companies will be exempted from an audit by the Auditor General of Pakistan and will abide by Companies Ordinance 1984.

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Reader Comments (1)

  • Syed A. Mateen
    Jun 27, 2010 - 7:05PM

    Why only Gas utility courts?

    Why not electricity, telephone, water and severage, inflation, unemployment, poverty, medical and anti-corruption courts seperately?

    The present setup of courts in Pakistan are under heavy burden and the entire burden are on the shoulders of the judges hearing the cases in relevant courts.

    If seperate courts are made for each issue pertaining to the masses, the pending cases can be transferred to the relevant courts.

    There is no need that judges employed in City Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court should only hear such cases.

    Pakistan has a lot of talent and judges from the general public having sound character should be appointed to hear the pending cases which are directly related to the masses.

    There is no rocket science invloved to hear the cases pertaining to the poor masses and to hear the grevances of general public, one do not need to have a degree in law.

    The judges appointed from the general public should have adequate experience in dealing with day to day matters in their personal lives and that is it.Recommend

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