Consumers face fresh wave of inflation

Essential goods prices spiral out of control overnight, hike likely to hit proposed Ramazan sasta bazaars

Our Correspondent March 20, 2023


With the fasting month just around the corner, a sudden surge in the prices of petroleum products has fueled inflation to go through the roof.

According to sources, the price of a 10-kg bag of subsidised wheat flour has been increased by Rs512 in a single go.

Essential food items including fruits, vegetables, pulses, meat, chicken, oil, ghee, rice, gram flour, dates, and various beverages have also spiraled out of the common man’s purchasing power.

The recent wave of inflation is also likely to grip the proposed Ramazan sasta bazaars.

In the open market, mutton is being sold at Rs2,000 per kg, beef at Rs1,000, rice at Rs420, grams at Rs300, white gram at Rs410, live chicken at Rs370, chicken meat at Rs550, cooking oil at Rs620, ghee at Rs540, tea leaves at Rs510, milk at Rs200 per litre, and yogurt at Rs220.

Similarly, dates, which are the part and parcel of the Ramazan food basket are being sold at Rs500 to Rs850 per kg, split chickpeas at Rs300 per kg, apples at Rs50 to Rs350 per kg, bananas at Rs200 to Rs300 per dozen, orange at Rs350 to Rs450 dozen, guavas at Rs150 to Rs170 per kg, pomegranate at Rs350 to 400 per kg, grapes at Rs350 to Rs380 per kg, watermelon at Rs150, per kg, and strawberries are available at Rs250 per kg.

The new wave of inflation has also affected the prices of vegetables as potatoes are being sold at Rs35 to Rs60 per kg, onion at Rs90 to Rs180 per kg, lemon at Rs200 to Rs220 per kg, tomatoes at Rs70 to Rs80 per kg, garlic at Rs300 to Rs370, ginger at Rs580 to Rs630, peas at Rs90 to Rs100 per kg, and green chilies at Rs100 to Rs120.

On the other hand, beverage companies have jacked up the prices of all kinds of soft drinks.

The price of a small bottle of soft drink has been increased by Rs40 and the price of a large bottle has been increased by Rs70.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 20th, 2023.


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