Citizens left at the mercy of criminals: Imran Khan

PTI chief meets Taseer family, expresses deep concern over Shahbaz Taseer's abduction.

Express August 27, 2011

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Friday expressed deep concern over the abduction of Shahbaz Taseer, son of former governor Salmaan Taseer, and observed that the federal and provincial governments had completely failed to provide security to the people and left them at the mercy of criminals.

Speaking to the media after expressing sympathies with the Taseer family at their residence, Khan said that the “NRO-beneficiary government and its supporters” could not protect the life and property of the masses as they were busy “in their loot and plunder” and had no concern with the agonies of the common man.

He said that a government which had no faith in the Supreme Court could not maintain law and order. He said that kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer after the assassination of his father was a matter of serious concern.

Consoling the Taseer family, Imran assured them of his complete support for taking up the issue at every forum available to him. The PTI chief also appealed to the captors of Shahbaz Taseer to free him as his family members were already bearing the sorrow of Salmaan Taseer’s death.


OBJ | 11 years ago | Reply

@ Allah Wala

I can pose to be nawaz sharifs supporter and start cursing and cussing imran khan or anyone else. That doesnt make me a me a statement by his party members or by him which would then be considered as a case against PTI. The general population can have views and opinions which they are totally entitled to. We should not be abusing anyone nomatter who we support or like, its just not the way we muslims are taught by Islam.

anyways I see sincerety in Imran Khan's views and beyond just this incident I hope he gets a chance to do one more goodie for us after the worldcup, cancer hospital and namal. I cant imagine what he will be able to do if given all the resources and powers to change Pakistan when he did all the above mentioned with only those limited resources.

Allah Wala | 11 years ago | Reply

Imran khan is may not an extremist but his supporters and workers are.I read his supporters highly abusive tweets to famous journalists Nusrat Javeed and others.I have a copy if any one wana look them.

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