'Hits different on mute': Hasan Raheem's 'Nautanki' gets trolled online

Fans of the singer are kind of tired of the him belting out the 'same' tunes

Entertainment Desk January 09, 2023

Singer Hasan Raheem has dropped a music video for the title track of his debut album, Nautanki, and while the visuals are appealing and the clip makes one feel a lot of things, the song isn’t quite striking a chord with listeners.

The video sees Hasan struggling to contain his emotions as he walks out of his beautifully lit bathroom to receive letters from God knows who. He is suddenly drenched in blood and takes off his kurta, wipes his face, only to take a bunch of selfies showing off his biceps. He then goes on to lie down on his bed, swiping left on the queens visible on a board where there’s supposed to be a mattress – quite symbolic of his affection for women.

Unhinged and agitated, he then picks up a rose and looks out the window of his room, which is quite a sight – might we add. Drinks a glass of what appears to be milk before going on to take food out of the freezer. He munches on a bunch of cookies, which he can’t seem to digest, and is pulled back into the bathroom where he plunges his face into the toilet, struggling to puke out all his emotions?

The video, while not as grand, is a sight to behold due to the art in place. However, fans are not impressed by the song, and many have been commenting under Hasan’s tweet to express their disappointment.

“Mood kharab kar diya (Spoiled my mood),” wrote a tweep. “Na gaya karo meri jaan, (you shouldn’t sing my love),” added another rather insensitively. “Make better music,” complained another. “Hits different on mute,” quipped a user.

One more called Hasan a “cutie”, only to request, “stop singing for the sake of holy heaven.” And if that wasn’t harsh, another tweeted, “Day ruined!”

Some, albeit, appreciated the hard work the artist put into presenting the song. And while constructive criticism should be and oftentimes is welcomed, trolling and asking someone to give up on their passions is unacceptable. And we’re glad most didn’t cross that line.

“Aarzu, Peechay Hutt, man got the same flow in every song!” cried a user.

“No music, no lyrics, just haan haan,” lamented one more.

"Kehna kya chahtay ho (What are you even trying to say)?" asked another.

Here’s hoping Hasan takes the responses in his stride and does not actually quit making music because let’s be honest, if not Nautanki, Peanut Butter has us grooving!

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