7 tips by Twinkle Khanna to remain youthful

Former actor shared her beauty secrets online

Entertainment Desk December 13, 2022

Former actor Twinkle Khanna recently uploaded a video on her publication, Tweak India, where she disclosed seven habits that have helped her remain youthful and beautiful throughout the years. According to the celebrated fictional writer, these tips have taken her fitness mantra to a new level and now she wishes to help others as well.

1. Make a connection with nature
In the video, Twinkle disclosed that when she was older, her sole aspirations were to have a child, a dog, and a garden. As an adult, now that all her envisioned goals are a reality, she admitted it can become quite overwhelming. So, whenever her dog and kids irritate her endlessly, she goes to her garden for some "me time" with her plants.

"Even if you don't have a garden, make sure to have plants at your window sills and balconies, they instantly lift your mood, improve concentration and with them around, you immediately de-stress," noted the Mela actor.

2. Have a small meal for dinner

"This is something I learned from Waheeda Rehman: if you eat less at night, your body may relax instead of burning down your meal. I only eat omelettes for dinner, too, like Waheeda, and then I'm off to bed by 10pm," Twinkle shared.

3. Continue to learn new things

Twinkle also revealed that despite being a lousy singer, she has recently taken up guitar lessons to bond with her young child who plays the instrument. According to her, this is a great way to keep learning new things and feel mentally better. "Who knows, maybe I'll get excellent at it one day," she added.

4. Breathing exercises help keep your brain active

Twinkle also shared that breathing exercises are the key to maintaining great health and reducing stress in life. "When it comes to making you see and feel older, stress is much worse than birthdays," said the Mrs Funnybones writer. "You may conduct breathing exercises and feel more peaceful and energised in only five minutes."

5. Don't be scared to be goofy

“Nothing is more precious than laughing, yet I have a habit of cracking all the jokes on myself. Sing a hilarious tune, tell a horrible joke that will make your adolescents roll their eyes," said Twinkle, while recommending everyone to be more open and fun in life.

6. Use sunscreen religiously

The author also revealed that after giving baby, she had spots and pigmentation all over her skin, so she now wears sunscreen at all times, especially when going out for a visit or an errand on a sunny day.

7. Make books your companions

Last but not least, Twinkle revealed what keeps her active and happy at all times: her books. Roald Dahl: The Collected Short Stories, PG Wodehouse: The World of Blandings, and Antoine de Saint-The Exupery's Little Prince were among her three favourites.

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