An abomination! Pakistani Twitter disgusted by British recipe for one-pot Chicken Korma

'My mother said so many Urdu complicated words looking at this she might file a case against them,' wrote a user

Entertainment Desk December 05, 2022

South Asians take the utmost pride in their culinary abilities – frankly because we are mighty good at it. Having said that, we don't take it lightly when uncalled 'westernised' versions of desi dishes near and dear to us make rounds on the internet.

A popular online Food channel, Tasty UK posted a recipe for a one-pot Chicken Korma and sparked outrage on Twitter for all the right reasons. Unlike the traditional rich and aromatic gravy we make in Pakistan, the UK version of Korma (if you can even call it that) comprised throwing meat and rice in a single frying pot, cooked to abomination.

“What in the name of colonial cuisine blasphemy is this,” wrote a user and we agree.

Another tweep argued on how the colonisers looted everything from South Asia except their cooking techniques. “I’m sorry for all South Asians having to see this,” they wrote.

“How the h** did y’all colonise the world for spices and then not use them even when cooking our own food?!” asked another disgusted user.

‘Not edible’

Users questioned how to prevent humanity from eating this “abomination.”

The video made a user want to report “cultural violence.”

Keep the disastrous recipe aside, a user was even questioning how they didn’t even cook their chicken a bit, making the recipe a sure cause for food poisoning. “I don’t even care about the ingredients, but why can’t they caramelise the onions and saute the chicken for a bit? Without that happening this dish is best-called food poisoning,” they wrote.

Desi mom nightmare

The recipe mixing rice, water, chicken, onions and raisins all at once without any spices definitely triggered the OG chefs at every desi household – the moms!

“My mother said so many Urdu complicated words looking at this she might file a case against them,” wrote a user.

And of course, there were memes!



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