5 Netflix hacks you should know about

OTT platform offers host of features in Settings to personalise your experience the way you want to binge watch

Tech Desk November 14, 2022

In the past few weeks, Netflix has introduced a major price hike for its subscription plans along with a free basic plan with ads, but this hasn't stopped the platform's fans from binge-watching on it.

Here are a few features on the platform that you probably didn't know about and that can help enhance your content streaming experience.

Stop auto-play for previews

Netflix Settings allows users to stop the annoying previews of movies and TV shows on the home page on all devices. By tapping the Account icon and selecting Profile & Parental Controls, you can change the Playback settings that prompt trailers to play automatically every time.

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Stop auto-play for the next episode

If you want to limit the amount of time you spend binge-watching on Netflix, as it endlessly keeps on rolling the next episode, you can deselect the option in Settings.

After you change the option in Settings, you will only have to resist the urge to manually click for the next episode to begin.

Deleting Netflix history

Some people may be embarrassed about their Netflix binge-watching history when sharing accounts with more people, but probably don't know they can delete it from the account.

You can select the titles you wish to delete from the Account Settings by tapping on Viewing Activity, which will display the entire binging history on a page.

Setting a PIN for your profile

You can lock your entire profile from being viewed by other users with a simple PIN setup, which can also be used to lock kids' profiles if they spend too much on the platform.

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The PIN can be set up in Account Settings by selecting the Profile Lock option, and typing in a unique code PIN.

Netflix shortcuts on keyboard

Users binging on laptops can make use of unique keys on the keyboard to achieve simple actions like pause, play, skipping ahead or back 10 seconds, muting, controlling volume, etc.

Simple keys to remember are:

  • Space/Enter: Pause and play video
  • Tap right/left arrow key: Skip ahead or back 10 seconds
  • Hold right/left arrow key: Fast forward and rewind by 10 seconds intervals
  • Up/down arrow key: Raise and lower volume
  • M key: Mute and unmute
  • F key: Toggle full screen on and off
  • S key: Skip the intro of TV shows




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