Girls outnumber boys in Rescue 1122 prank calls

Data revealed that 0.53 million prank calls were received from girls; 0.46 million calls from boys.

Mehwish Khan August 24, 2011

If you believed that girls making prank calls is less likely than boys, then it’s time you changed your views. Data released by Rescue 1122, revealed that girls carried out a greater number of prank calls to the rescue service than boys.

The statistics show that the Punjab emergency service Rescue 1122 received a total of 1.08 million "obnoxious and irrelevant" calls at the emergency number 1122 since its inception in District Rawalpindi.

The data revealed that 0.537 million calls were received from girls, whereas 0.462 million calls were received from boys.

Additionally, 32,437 calls were made by minors, 2,460 musical calls, 51,450 abusive calls and 1,560 were irrelevant calls.

Fine and imprisonment for prank callers

The Rescue 1122 team takes legal actions against prank callers that include imprisonment upto six months or a fine of Rs50,000 or in some cases, both.

The course of action involves the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s assistance in blocking the numbers from which the prank calls are made.

However, lodging an FIR and taking legal actions only occurs in serious situations.

Correction: An earlier version of the story had incorrectly stated the number of calls. The correction has been made.

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