Are women more likely to stray in relationships?

Almost a quarter of women during study were found to have been romantically involved with more than one individual.

Ians August 24, 2011

LONDON: Men may have been known for straying in relationships but the reality is women are more likely to get caught up in a love triangle, says a study.

Almost a quarter of women asked during the study were found to have been romantically involved with more than one individual at a time, while just 15 percent of the men admitted to two-timing, Daily Express reported.

Of those love triangles about 18 percent started on Facebook or Twitter.

In the survey of 2,000 people, it showed half of them believe one can be in love with more than one person at a time.

It was also learned that high earners are more likely to stray than those on lower wages.

According to Jo Hemmings, a relationship psychologist, while male love rats may be the biggest cheaters, driven by lust, opportunity and a misguided sense of entitlement, it is women, who tend to have a more complex view of relationships.


Think_therefore | 10 years ago | Reply

Islam regulates life beautifully. In the west ppl have resorted to staying unmarried or going for "serial monogamy" one partner at a time but several partners over a lifetime. Their progeny is therefore seriously effected.

We should remove all lingering (generally hindu) stigmas of divorce and re-marriage and also polygamy. Women and men should freely be allowed to marry.

At different stages in life one needs different kinds of partners.... as attitudes and perceptions keep on changing with time...women are more likely to stray because they think on a more complex level in relationships..... they should not be bound in love triangles.... they should leave and re-marry..... even if it is a an already married man... and the other woman/women in his life should accommodate her....

"Normal" women tend to be psychologically devotional in their approach to a relationship and draw very clear lines between any primary and secondary relationships.... they could have a backup plan but not actively so (lust aside). Women however are biologically designed to be exclusive (once impregnated their wombs will NOT accept any further genes until the gestation cycle is fully over or forcibly terminated).

Men on the other hand tend to psychologically and physiologically inclusive. They are biologically programmed to be sexually excited from audio-visual cues. They can deliver their genes to multiple recipients over a considerably longer period than women and are generally active all their adult lives with no interruptions due to monthly cycles. In order to propagate they must therefore be able to impregnate several females so as to arrive on a genetic combination with the ideal hybrid vigor. On the psychological level they can both give and take a lot of affection but not for a sustained periods. Having variety allows them to recharge and recuperate so that they return with intensified vigor to each partner.

Families stay secure and children as raised better in polygamous societies.

Anon | 10 years ago | Reply

@pardesi, i can bet things in Karachi are not all that 'clean' and people are often stray.. yes this study pertains to London, but I can't imagine such people around here telling the truth anyway.

@Irtiza: the ones who are following religion still do it, the ones who don't want to.. guess much can't be done about them anyway

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