NASA's Artemis 1 rocket to launch for the moon today

The 1.3 million-mile journey will last 42 days, three hours, and 20 minutes

Tech Desk August 29, 2022

NASA will be launching its rocket, Artemis 1, to the moon and back on Monday to test for its official launch in 2024.

The crew will be the first to travel outside Earth's orbit since 1972.

The uncrewed mission will travel to the moon and test key systems and the rocket's ability to safely transport humans from Earth to the Moon in 2024. The rocket will land at the lunar south pole in 2025, establish a permanent base and then carry on the mission to Mars.

Dummies mimicking human bone, organs, and tissues will be placed inside the crew capsule connected to sensors.

The launch will take place from the Kennedy Space Centre, while the 1.3 million-mile journey will last 42 days, three hours, and 20 minutes. The flight will collect data on hardware and software performance, as well as supporting ground systems for future missions.

NASA's mission aims to land two astronauts and the first female with the Artemis mission 3 in 2025. Artemis 4 will have a new lunar station and Gateway scheduled for 2027.


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