Marrying in a different sect shouldn't be a problem in 2022: Anoushey Ashraf

VJ shared 101 on relationships, careers, and life in an Instagram Q&A

Entertainment Desk August 26, 2022

RJ Anoushey Ashraf is known for her Q&A sessions on Instagram where she picks a certain number of questions and answers them in the form of advice. Ranging from grief and loss to career goals and relationship chaos to wanting pets, the 39-year-old picks the most versatile questions.

While she started this during mental health awareness month, Ashraf brought it back on “popular demand” on Thursday night. “What’s bothering you? How can I help?” wrote the host in her story as she opened up a Q&A session.

The first question that came her way was about sectarian differences and how it affects couples who are in love. “I’m so sorry that one has to deal with such an issue in 2022. The difference in sect? Look at what works for you. At least you’ll follow the same faith,” she answered, further suggesting couples talk to their families respectfully and let them know that as adults, they are capable of making decisions. “Talk to the most understanding parent, or sibling first and find support within. Stick by your love and pray for the best!” she concluded.

The next question was also from a troubled partner but this time, the problem was bigger than sectarian difference. It was Pakistan vs India—-more lethal if you ask us. “South Asian families really like determining what’s best for everyone around them. [...]If Shoaib Malik and Sania [Mirza] can make it work with respect while being in the public eye then what are you and I doing?” wrote Ashraf. She advised the partner to not feel guilty for fighting for her love.

Worried about the economic instability in the country, a worried parent shared how “heartbroken” they are while looking at the shaky future that their child awaits. “For the first time in the history of my life, even I’ve contemplated moving out. Like we say in Urdu, dil uth sa gaya hai ab (my heart is broken),” said Ashraf. However, she wishes to reinstate hope in citizens by exercising democratic rights and having faith in better days. “I wish I had more words of solace. Please know we’re all in this together,” she concluded.

Answering a question where a follower feels “too scared to want things in life,” Ashraf shared Imam Ali’s sayings to support her suggestion. “I’m assuming you lack faith and courage in who you are. In us, deep within us are attributes of Godliness. Like Imam Ali says: the universe is within you, if only you reflect,” she wrote. “Want what your heart pleases and gently make an intention towards it. Do not let [fear] dictate the route your life will take.”

To ease things up a bit, the next question was about a follower wanting pets but not wanting to clean or train them. “Animals are like kids. They require a certain level of dedication and work, discipline and love. Get a pet when you’re ready. I've had to clean after my pets for years. They bring tons of joy, yes but they're not just for fun," claimed the animal-lover Ashraf.

Another question that sparked a funny reaction from Ashraf was about a desperate guy looking for a "doctor wife." Making a laughing emoji, she wrote, "Maybe the doctor can't find you as of yet!"

But on a serious note, she asked the person to think of why he specifically wants a doctor and why it hasn't happened yet while telling them that she finds something "faulty" in the search formula.

The other questions were about tips on accepting mistakes, fixing a broken relationship, suggestions on letting go and most importantly, tips on loving yourself and making yourself a priority. Apart from that, a fan inspired by Ashraf even got a recommendation from her to audition for CityFM and we love the network of opportunities social media offers. Kudos, Anoushey Ashraf!


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