Pakistani accused of slitting prostitute's throat in Dubai

“She deserved to die” AK said “I grabbed her from behind and slit her throat thrice”.

Ppi August 22, 2011

DUBAI: A Pakistani allegedly slit a prostitute's throat thrice and robbed her in a flat in Muraqabbat area of Dubai, the Court of First Instance was told on Sunday.

A policeman said that the knife which was found at the site of the murder had helped them track the suspect.

It was reported that the barcode on the knife led the police to the shop where it was bought from and the CCTV footage at the shop showed the suspect buying the knife.

The UAE-based daily, Gulf News had reported that the prosecutors have requested for a capital punishment for the suspect.

The 29-year-old man, however, did not speak in court when the charges were read out to him as he only knew Pashto.

Therefore, the court adjourned the hearing until a Pashto language translator is made available to the court.

According to the prosecution’s confession records, the accused –mentioned as AK – said that the Uzbek woman made him drink alcohol and stole AED6000 from him one evening when he was with her.

After several attempts of asking for his money back and refused, he murdered her.

“She deserved to die”, AK said “I grabbed her from behind and slit her throat thrice”.

The body was found after her Afghan husband has called his Pakistani friends to locate her because after finding her phone switched off.

The mobile phone of the deceased was later confiscated from AK.


ik | 12 years ago | Reply

it is a serious problem the murdur of a humanbeing is not a joke so we should be coutious about giving wievez on these types of maters.

Anon. | 12 years ago | Reply

@Naeem Siddiqui: Because he's a Pakistani? Duh...

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