Social media is toxic: Zhalay Sarhadi apologises to Hania Aamir

Actor clarified that she was misunderstood and her statement was out of concern and love

Entertainment Desk July 15, 2022

Actor Zhalay Sarhadi feels misunderstood after her comments about Hania Aamir blew out of proportion and went viral following severe backlash. 

On a local morning show's Eid Special, during a segment Sarhadi was asked what would she do differently if she was Aamir, she said that she would turn off her social media. The statement irked many, propelling Sarhadi to offer a clarification. It turns out that she meant it more out of love and concern for the Sang-e-Mah actor than envy or disrespect. 

On Friday, the Mere Bewafa actor took to Instagram to address the matter and clarify her ill-perceived statement. “It honestly pains me to think that people misconstrue everything said! Social media is toxic and detrimental to mental health, especially if one is in the public eye!”

Saying that such instances are the primary reason why everyone, not just the younger generation, should refrain from oversharing online because it leaves more things out there that can be used against you. “My verbose opinion wasn’t to bring anyone down or to cause any hurt — it was spoken from my experience,” she said.

She further added that she loves Aamir and thinks of her as a brilliant artist and person. “If my words hurt anyone’s sensibility, I apologise deeply and truly,” she concluded.

For context, the local show's game segment had the host pull out a two shot photo for each guest that featured the guest next to another public figure and said, “If you were given their life, what change would you make in it?”

Sarhadi’s picture was next to Aamir’s. She started, “I don’t want to sound negative but I think this new generation is really [taken by] social media. Very much.” She was interrupted by Ayesha Omar who agreed wholeheartedly with her statement and said one should turn social media off. 

To which Sarhadi added, "I think it’s very necessary. Secondly, you have a lot of personal issues going on so if I were Hania, I would turn social media off for at least a month.”

Omar interjected and said it should be for one year. “I would try for a year but it is my fodder,” Sarhadi responded and repeated Omar’s statement saying, “We all need to do that.”

Fans immediately jumped to Aamir's defence and asked Sarhadi to mind her own business.


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