Karachi violence: Transporters want army intervention

Say police and Rangers have proved ineffective at controlling the situation.

Ppi August 22, 2011

KARACHI: After industrialists and traders, now the public transporters have demanded that the government hand Karachi over to the army.

The Anjuman-e-Ettehad Bus Malikan and Karachi Transport Action Committee leaders, Muhammad Ashraf Banglori, Chaudhry Mazhar Hussain and other leaders expressed grave concern on the rule of terror and bloodshed in Karachi.

They said that the police and Rangers have proved ineffective at controlling the situation. The hijacking of public transport vehicles and killings of drivers, transport workers and commuters has become an everyday affair in Karachi. According to them calling in the army is the last option to save the citizens.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 22nd,  2011.


Mohammad Ali Siddiqui | 12 years ago | Reply

It is not amazing for me that transporters also want that Army should intervene in the present crises of Karachi so that the wagons and buses that are burnt on the roads should also come to a halt.

But I want to remind the transports well in advance that the way they drive their vehicles on the roads will not be possible, once the Army will take over Karachi or Pakistan.

No public/private transporter will be allowed to stop their vehicles on the roads any where they want, except at the designated bus stops from the passengers will be picked and dropped.

Army also needs to discipline the transport systems so that vehicle drivers should not run their vehicles without the prescribed limits alloted on the roads.

In most of the cases the public/private wagons and buses are burnt when the vehicles run over on the people standing on the roads killing and injuring them instantly.

So before you people welcome the Army in Karachi or Pakistan, you guys must know how to behave on the roads and properly discipline the addicted drivers.

Any body who will seen and caught rash driving will be heavily fined or in severe cases the driver’s license will be cancelled once and for all.

Tippu | 12 years ago | Reply

Absolutely! Time for Army to take over the reigns and clean up the mess.

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