Karachi gang war: Imran fears economic meltdown

PTI says inaction exposes govt incompetence.

Express August 21, 2011


The continued economic slide, coupled with the breakdown of law and order in Karachi, would lead to an economic collapse, a handout quoted chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Imran Khan as saying on Saturday.

According to him, the national economy “is in a state of stagflation with little or no economic growth and high inflation”. The PTI chief said that electricity shortfall in Faisalabad alone resulted in massive unemployment. “If the current chaos and gang warfare is not controlled in Karachi…Pakistan faces imminent economic collapse…Loans amounting to Rs5 trillion, which were acquired over the past 60 years, have doubled to Rs10 trillion since the government came to power. How can a country with 80 per cent of the population on the fringe of extreme poverty repay the loans borrowed by our corrupt leaders through indirect taxes? There is a limit to taxing the poor through indirect taxation.”

Imran Khan said the sooner “this government is removed from power, the greater the chances of Pakistan’s recovery”.

Meanwhile, PTI’s Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema condemned the latest spate of bloodshed in Karachi.

A handout quoted Cheema as saying that the situation effectively exposed the government’s incompetence and its lack of will to deal with the Karachi situation.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 21st, 2011.


KSU | 11 years ago | Reply

@wizz Bangladesh is not 3 times richer than Pakistan. Look at any indicator except education Bangladesh is behind. There is more corruption there because most of the money is aid from western countries. Bangladesh is no model for Pakistan, nor is India, nor is Saudia and nor is China. Pakistan has to develop its own vision and model. Pakistan is the pits at the moment and the main "vision". At the moment politicians are trying to stay in power by by being representatives of "ethnic groups" who they feed by fear mongering so people have become scared of their own shadows. So people celebrate "topi day", give new names to provinces, or propose new provinces like "pothoharistan", Multanistan or Tharistan to name a few possibilities. Karachi is the sad logic of "nationalist" politics. The promoters of this vision are trying I think, to keep power by hook or by crook but the present politicians are burying their own grave. Leave this primitve approach - ethnic politics is harks to the past, not a global future! The system's last hope is a person like Imran Khan. He will bring change without rocking the boat. He at least has a vision and stands for some principles. The Alternative is a revolution that will make Iraq, post Saddam, look likes a proverbial piece of cake.I think all the Pakistani's can formulate a dream, a hope and a vision. Dream it and follow it. Maybe one step on the way is PTI.

salman | 11 years ago | Reply There is one cure to all the Karachi's problems Rule of Law .whosoever can implement it will be its savior.
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