A duet fight? Angry Aima Baig throws shade at a fellow singer

Without taking any names, the singer called out unethical behaviour of a musician

Entertainment Desk May 19, 2022

An angry Aima Baig took to her Instagram to call out a fellow musician in a cryptic rant for reportedly badmouthing her behind her back. Since there are no names taken in the statement, one can only wonder who she’s talking about. However, what one can figure from the statement is that the two musicians were working on a duet together.

Baig’s Instagram stories have now disappeared due to the media sharing app’s 24 hour rule. Throwing a shade at a particular anonymous singer, she wrote, “When you don't want to do a duet with someone, You just don't. Simple is that.”

The cryptic message further read, “Also people I have never even met sharing some unsolicited advice is the most bizarre thing ever. Anyhow, this person advising me should probably focus on making some good music to get some attention, rather than taking names which they think can make things better for them.”

In the end, despite being triggered by her fellow musician’s behaviour, the Agay Dekh singer decided to "choose peace over further bullsh*t."

“People who have actually worked with me love me for the way I am. I am one straightforward person. I can be more [straightforward]…only if i was allowed lol. (There’s) only peace, no bullsh*t. You ain't gonna get anything from here.” Now one can only wonder who upsetted her so much to be at the receiving end of this flak.


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