If you have the tiniest bit of honour, you can’t follow anyone other than IK: Shahroz Sabzwari

Actor voiced his support for the ousted PM in a recent television appearance

Entertainment Desk May 04, 2022

Actor Shahroz Sabzwari recently expressed his support of former prime minister Imran Khan, going as far as to say that anyone with even the “tiniest bit of honour” can’t follow any leader other than IK. He made the comments during an appearance on ExpressTV’s Ramazan show, where he was present with his wife Sadaf Kanwal.

When asked about his political leanings, Shahroz asserted, “My father has fed me halal rizq, so it isn’t possible for me to not follow Imran Khan. There can be no two ways about this.”

Elaborating on his admiration for the PTI chairman, the actor added, “He is an honest and clear man. He has just learned politics, now people should fear his comeback. This was his first time in power, the others have been in politics a long time. The big people who are against him, even they agree that Imran Khan is more dangerous to the opposition because now he will engage in the correct politics.”

On his belief in IK’s ability to steer the nation towards a better future, the Nand actor continued, “No one else can take Pakistan forward and make it Riyasat e Madina other than Imran Khan. If you have the tiniest bit of honour, it’s not possible for you to follow anyone other than him.”

Reflecting on his childhood growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, Shahroz recalled how political unrest was common. He shared, “I was born in 1987, and I’ve seen many times when I’d go to school when we’d hear of strikes and the word ‘payyajaam’ [no transport]... We’d be told about all the people who were corrupt and who weren't… but the amount of praise I’ve heard for Imran Khan from my family, I hadn’t before.”

Emphasising how IK needs time to execute his vision, the actor added, “When you get down to cleaning the gutter, there’s no way for you to emerge without dirtying your clothes. Correcting a nation is no joke. You need more than four years.”

IK was ousted following a vote of no confidence, leading to an outpour of support for the former PM. Many celebrities have openly expressed their support for IK, including Syra Yousuf, Samina Peerzada, Shaan Shahid and Anoushey Ashraf, among others.      


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