Naveena Group introduces responsible innovation across diverse industries in Pakistan

The company stirred revolution by investing in a groundbreaking 50MW renewable energy project in Jhimpir, Sindh

Naveena Group
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Sustainability is an increasingly important issue for many people, especially in the business world. Climate change continues to affect our lives as well as the fate of all other species around the planet. Adopting sustainable business practices is becoming imperative for business owners, leaders, and administrators. The industrial revolution is a big part of the climate change picture because of its reliance on land, fossil fuels, resources, and non-stop consumption and production.

Markets worldwide have been transformed by the emergence of renewable energy, and this change is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. As outlined in a report published by the International Energy Agency in November 2019, almost 33% of the world's electricity will be generated by renewable sources by 2024.

The Global Climate Risk Index has placed Pakistan fifth on the list of countries most vulnerable to climate change in its annual report for 2020, with the manufacturing sector being one of the biggest contributors to pollution in the country. Moreover, Pakistan has been convulsed by electricity shortages over the past three decades that have at times exceeded its total demand. Therefore, as a developing nation, it urgently requires reliable energy solutions.

Naveena Group prides itself as a rapidly expanding corporation, boasting a sales volume of 300 million dollars, dedicated to the business of progress through innovative thinking and sustainability. After setting up the first steel plant with direct rolling technology in the country, and introducing revolutionary construction practices, the company hopes to make its presence felt in the energy sector as well.

To meet Pakistan's growing demand for clean energy, Naveena Group of Companies, one of Pakistan's leading Industrial groups with diversified portfolios and expertise in textiles, steel, and construction has entered the renewables sector. The company has pledged to bring in state-of-the-art technology, expertise, precision, and quality that complies with global standards.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the corporation has invested in a revolutionary 50MW Wind Energy project, worth 65 million dollars in Jhimpir, Thatta Sindh. Using a clean and green energy platform, this project is aimed at providing the cheapest electricity to consumers at a price of US cents 4.7/kWh. The project has started its commercial operations on the 13th of April 2022.

With roots dating back to 1971, Naveena Group is one of the few companies with extensive experience in exporting, upholding global standards of excellence to achieve international success. Having a significant role in Pakistan's economy, the impeccable business conglomerate has been exporting textile products for 35 years to top brands in the world, and takes pride to have played a pivotal role in the economy of Pakistan by making contributions to the country's foreign reserves.

While Naveena Group's exports generate significant business in the textile industry, Naveena Steel aims to redefine quality standards and meet the infrastructural needs of the nation by producing international quality steel rebars with a capacity of 300,000 TPA. Similarly, Naveena Group has also invested generously in Naveena Developers, another subsidiary of the company, which stands out as the key player in Pakistan's construction industry, establishing and delivering unsurpassed living standards.

With a focused vision and an innovative approach, Naveena Group has always been in the forefront of setting new benchmarks for quality and trust that give rise to innovative planning, new-age ideas, and designs that add new strength to the country’s growth and prosperity.


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