Sarfaraz doesn't let wife critique his on-field performance, comment leaves Twitter in fumes

While the conversation was light-hearted, a clip went viral on Twitter, where the cricketer gaslights his wife

Entertainment Desk April 07, 2022

Pakistani cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed recently made an appearance on Nida Yasir's sehri transmission with his wife, Syeda Khushbakht. During the tete-a-tete, Sarfaraz and Khushbakht opened up about their marriage, his career and how the couple met for the first time.

While the conversation was rather light-hearted and wholesome, a clip from the show has made it to Twitter, where Sarfaraz gaslights his wife for advising him once over his performance.

Nida inquired whether the duo have chats about his game. Khushbakht then shared how Sarfaraz has never brought his work home. "If he isn't performing well or has lost a match or even if he had won one, he'd make sure to leave all of that [sentiment] in the ground," she commented as Nida intervened, "So, no after-effects of that?" Khushbakht responded, "Not at all. We haven't faced any of it."

Nida then inquired whether the two have a discussion regarding cricket. "We don't talk about cricket at all," Khushbakht shared. "He doesn't like talking about it and neither do I." Sarfaraz then added, "Once we did have a chat about it. It was 2013."

Khushbakht laughed and quipped, "Sarfaraz, no! You really have to share this?" Sarfaraz went on, "I was touring in South Africa, it was my first test match tour. The wickets there are a bit bouncy, South Africa was at top of the game at that time as well. I couldn't perform and I was out of the team. Khushbakht advised me to work on my diet and focus more. I told her, 'You have said this today, keep your nose out of my business from now on. There's no need for you to become my coach."

Khushbakht, who laughed all along, added, "We haven't spoken about cricket since that day."

Many took to social media and shared how Sarfaraz's response to his wife's advice was uncalled for. "Am I the only one who found this video quite disturbing?" a user penned.

One more added, "To all the men watching this never do this to your wife. To all the girls watching it's not something to laugh at."

A user commented, "She's literally asking him to stop but he still goes on what is wrong with him."

Another tweep penned, "What toxic men look like. Was always in support of Sarfaraz Ahmed, coming back in the squad, but a man who cannot respect his woman doesn't deserve respect on or off-field. PCB, Ramiz Raja, please focus on training our cricketers to become respectable Individuals. Such a shame."

Many, however, have defended the cricketer. "They're both taking the matter as a joke, if you can be disturbed by this, I'm sorry to say, you're overly sensitive You've effectively collected people like you in this thread who like to say words like patriarchy and toxic and masculinity. All in one sentence."

One tweep shared, "Pakistani people have a weird hobby of commenting on a couple’s relationship dynamics, where it’s clearly not needed."

Another added, "It is not disturbing, he is clarifying to his wife he doesn't like to talk about cricket."

While Khushbakht seems to have taken Sarfaraz's stance on the matter rather sportingly, it is pertinent to mention how our national heroes must remain considerate when talking about their significant others on the air. Sarfaraz's comments seem harmless but to many, he was gaslighting his wife - and truth be told, we understand why.

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