Twitter comes to Ali, Saboor’s defence after critics take issue with couple’s PDA

Users urged people to direct their wrath towards more pressing issues such as domestic abuse, marital rape

Entertainment Desk January 16, 2022

Actors Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari, who tied the knot earlier in a series of star-studded ceremonies, recently drew the ire of certain Twitter users for posting loved-up pictures from their own wedding events. A user took to the bird app to share a picture of the couple from their Mehendi ceremony in which Saboor can be seen planting a kiss on Ali’s cheek. They tweeted alongside it, “[The] new generation wants to follow them, but this is not relationship goals, this is beghairti [shamelessness].” 

While certain people agreed with the tweet, several users came to the celebrity couple’s defence.  

Several users asked critics to divert their wrath towards more serious issues such as domestic abuse and marital rape, as opposed to public displays of affection. 


The tweets come during an ongoing discussion about the permissibility of public displays of affection in Pakistan, with the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) having recently imposed a blanket ban on any show of intimacy between married couples on television. 

Issued in October of 2021, a directive by PEMRA on scenes involving physical shows of affection between couples on screen left people questioning the body’s priorities. In an official document, PEMRA asserted that no “hug/caress scenes” should be aired since, according to the directive, they go against the teachings of Islam and do not depict a “true picture of Pakistani society.”


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