CM Punjab orders action against cops present at US consulate dinner

Directs Chief Secretary, recommending the Federal Government to make the accused eight, OSDs.

Express August 17, 2011

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif ordered strict action, on Wednesday, against eight high-ranking police officials for attending a dinner at the US Consulate in Lahore without seeking prior permission.

CM Punjab sent a letter to the Chief Secretary, recommending the Federal Government to convert the status of the eight police officers to Officer on Special Duty (OSD) and launch a departmental inquiry.

Earlier a request in this regard was sent to the provincial government to write to the federal government to initiate an inquiry into the matter.

'Show cause’ notices were served on the officers involved but they failed to come up with satisfactory answers. Police Headquarters Public Relations Director Nabeela Ghazanfar said that the officers were summoned by the Inspector General but they did not have an appropriate answer.

The letter had stated that the officers have violated service rules, relevant laws and the Constitution of Pakistan.

The eight are accused of misconduct including two Deputy Inspector Generals and six Senior Superintendents of Police (SSP).


Amjad | 11 years ago | Reply

Good for Shahbaz Sharif. When our people start following rules and proper protocol then they will develop. People in Pakistan all think they are above the law- from the common man to the politician to the general. We we all realise we have to equally follow laws and regulations, only then will we develop. That's why we are still ahead of the Arab states where only money and influence matters.

Tariq nawaz | 11 years ago | Reply

It's against the service rules.They cannot accept any invitation from a foreign mission unless it is approved by their Head of Department,in this case,Inspector General Of Police,Punjab.I am sure they knew about those rules but still opted to attend that function.Prov. Govt cannot take action against Federal employees so they have passed it on to Islamabad.Now it's a damn if you do and damn if you dont situation.Obviously The Federal Govt will let them go after a mild reprimand and that would be another chance for those who are at the helm in Punjab to score some political points.

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