Five best gadgets of 2021

Here is a list of our favourite gadgets of 2021

Tech Desk December 18, 2021

2021 opened with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which displayed numerous innovative product lines, and as the year went ahead it gave us many high-tech gadgets from companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Google. Here are some of the most interesting gadgets of 2021.

Phillips Hue Lights
Phillips collaborated with Signify to come up with a lighting system that connects to Spotify and changes brightness, intensity, and color hues according to music. The device's algorithm analyzes the metadata of music and triggers the lights to dance to the rhythm.
AirTags by Apple
The AirTags are GPS-less locators, keeping a check on devices that are prone to get lost. The gadgets are powered by small button batteries and work with a super-low-power Bluetooth connection, helping devices ring on the Find My network. The hyper-specific location information will guide you to the exact location of lost objects. The device also contains anti-stalking protection, to keep your location private.
Galaxy Z Flip by Samsung
Foldable phones are back. And while not all of them have been well-received, Samsung’s Z Flip has drawn a lot of interest. The phone folds into half an inch thickness and 3.4 inches on its longest edge, fitting into your pocket quite conveniently. It is less likely to break when folded because of protective polymer film, preventing peeling. In full size, the phone screen is 6.7 inches AMOLED display.
Surface Adaptive Kit by Microsoft
This kit has made Surface computers easier to access and navigate for people with disabilities, with textured labels for keycaps, tactile port indicators, adhesive tabs with rings, and lanyards to make it convenient to open and adjust the screen.
Project Hazel by Razer
Razor introduced the world's smartest mask which offers the best kind of safety and high quality of life enhancements. The mask has an N95 respirator, auto sterilization function, voice amp technology, low light mode, and wireless charging case. The mask is not only sustainable but has a built-in mic and amplifier that ensures your voice will not get muffled inside the mask whilst conversing. Like4:39 pm


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