Experience the truth in Javed Jabbar’s 'Separation of East Pakistan': The Untold Story

The documentary explores the roles played by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, Indira Gandhi and Yahya Khan


Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan each have created a very distinct memory of what happened five decades ago. It has been 50 years since the 1971 war, which led to the separation of East and West Pakistan, and there is still disagreement over who played the central role in the process.

Today, each of the countries that were involved in the devastating conflict has institutionalised closely knit, fabricated war stories relating to the events of that year; each version of the story has its own unique meaning. These tales emphasise liberation in Bangladesh, victory in India, and grave loss in Pakistan.

The fateful year has left a lasting legacy across all three children of the partition. The poignant memories still continue to shape the lives of those who suffered as they witnessed the historical war while remaining central to each state’s national project.

Javed Jabbar, a name that needs no introduction, became inspired to tell the untold story of the 1971 war after noticing that there has been a great deal of literature and books written to recount the tragedy but no documentaries. Books have their own charm, but the visual medium creates a lasting impact on people, who seek to uncover the truth about the year that became a source of enduring pain and melancholy for many.


On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh, Javed Jabbar’s upcoming documentary, Separation of East Pakistan - The Untold Story, is all set to unravel the truth, and tell the world what really happened back then.

Narrated by acclaimed experts, the documentary will help the audience find answers to tough questions about the political impasse, incitement of violence, external intervention and interference, and the circumstances surrounding those events - through a contemporary lens, emphasising varying perspectives from credible sources, devoid of political or emotional influences. The documentary aims to highlight the accurate picture of the events for those who are fed partial knowledge about the war over time.

The thought-provoking documentary, set to release digitally on December 16, 2021, is a step towards mending ties of brotherhood between Bangladesh and Pakistan. It sheds light on how the plight and insecurities of the then East Pakistani people were used to fuel the separatist movement. It makes the viewer think how it’s even possible that those who fought for Pakistan’s creation would want to break it in the first place.

The teasers highlight the roles played by Yahya Khan, Mrs Indira Gandhi, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the four main protagonists of the 1971 war.

The documentary explores the true story of how India’s involvement, which started years before 1971, makes it the mastermind behind Pakistan’s dismemberment. It features interviews with eminent scholars, names of nations that were responsible for the separation, and shocking material gleaned through relentless military-civilian cooperation.

Besides the English dubbing, Mr Jabbar ensured that the documentary was also dubbed into Urdu for a broader audience. The documentary manages to purposefully keep the wounds of 1971 fresh, to create an everlasting impact. People can enjoy the launch of Separation of East Pakistan - The Untold Story – a move towards better relationships with people in Bangladesh, who also deserve to know the truth about the war of 1971.

For those interested in learning more, exclusive details on the documentary and the subject can be found on www.1971untoldstory.com.



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