President Alvi underfire over appearance at MoU signing of son's firm

Netizens say Alvi's attendance a 'conflict of interest' to his presidency

Social Desk November 30, 2021
President Alvi's son Awab signing MoU in Governor House

Nothing gets past the watchful eyes of netizens and President Arif Alvi learned that the hard way. The president, who is also a dentist by profession, drew immense flak on Pakistani Twitter for taking part in an MoU signing between his son's company and a dental chain in the US inside Karachi's Governor House.

President Alvi's son, Awab Alvi, tweeted an image of himself signing a contract with President Alvi seen smiling while standing behind him.

‘Excited to share that we signed an MoU between Alvi Dental and Bringing Smiles USA to open a chain of dental practices and bring affordable dental care to Pakistan with no compromise in quality of treatment or sterilization but focus on the best treatment possible with affordable rates.’

The tweet was met with an array of explosive responses, scrutinising the president for his participation in the signing and the poor choice of location. To make matters worse, President Alvi also tweeted a congratulatory message to Awab for his business deal.

'Congratulations Dr Awab. Wish you success in this collaboration with your friends who are also bringing in foreign investment,' the president wrote.


Many including former finance minister Ishaq Dar asserted that Alvi's participation was a violation of his presidential oath.

"On a serious note, it is a serious digression on part of Mr Alvi; Article 42 of the Constitution which deals with the oath of the President has the following provision: 'That I will not allow my personal interest to influence my official conduct or my official decisions."

Dar also called for President Alvi to step down his position,"Conflict of Interest!---Arif Alvi must resign"

Journalist Hamza Azhar Salam also responded to the infamous tweet by Awab Alvi.

"Let's see how our honourable president treats startups that are not directly beneficial to his family."

In a move to try and dampen public outrage, President Alvi used his Twitter handle to apologise.

'For the signing ceremony of an MoU between Dr Awab and his friend in my presence, the venue selection was a matter of poor judgement.'

The response was met with harsh criticism and did little to mollify the public.

Journalist and former head of Radio Pakistan Murtaza Solangi echoed Ishaq Dar's sentiments about the president's resignation.

'Who cares if you have violated your oath? If you have any shred of morality in you should resign rather than tweeting your worthless regret.'



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