Just because we worked together, doesn’t mean you can hold me by the waist: Anoushey Ashraf

Host wants co-workers to know the difference between being professional and personal.

Entertainment Desk November 30, 2021

Host and actor Anoushey Ashraf took to her Twitter on Monday to slam a co-worker who had invaded her personal space and we’re here for it.

She made it a point to clarify that one should be mindful of another's personal boundaries and refrain from touching them in the name of striking a pose, especially if the relationship is solely professional.

Flocking to the micro-blogging site, she wrote: "Just because we worked well on a project together, doesn’t mean I am now ‘babe’ and you can hold me by the waist to take selfies at events. We are colleagues, not friends. Know the difference [and] understand the concept of personal space."

Without delving into details, asked if she told off the person she is referring to when they crossed the line, Ashraf replied: "It was a massive event and I didn’t want to create a ruckus,” which means the starlet had to compromise her own comfort to ‘not create a scene’. “But I’m just putting it out there for people to understand the difference in the future,” she added.

And when a user wrote, "Now wait for the victim blamers to start asking you what you were wearing, what time of day/night it was, what location etc," the actor lamented, "It’s happening man! It’s happening."

Sadly, but not surprisingly, many had started victim blaming Ashraf in the comments section of her tweet the moment she posted it, albeit, she hadn’t named or shamed anyone. A user had the audacity to say, "Itna masla ha to kaaam hi na kro (If you have such a problem then don't work). If you want to live in a liberal society then deal with its side effects)."

To this, Ashraf snapped back: "Wow. Personal space ka pata hai apko? (Do you even know about personal space?) It’s called giving people respect, irrespective of their profession, work and friendships. It’s like preaching to kids in grade two. Oh sorry, even they know better than some of you men!"

Fellow actor Ushna Shah, however, had a hunch about the person that may have sparked this reaction. "I have a feeling I know exactly who triggered this rant,” she commented. And we'd be grateful to know about the same.

But here’s hoping the message is loud and clear for anyone still confused about how to conduct themselves in the presence of or around fellow co-workers. And no, celebrities are not an exception.

During a conversation with The Express Tribune in August, Ashraf had detailed how her ‘privilege’, which allows her to take a stand for herself, also made her less prone to exploitation in the industry, so she speaks up whenever needed, like every empowered woman should.

“We’re less vulnerable [to abuse],” she said. “However, women around us, who came from relatively less privileged households, were regularly molested, propositioned, given lesser money and odd jobs. But when you’re not affected by a problem, you’re a part of the problem. So when you see oppression and have with yourself a space to condemn it but don’t, you’re in the wrong,” she assured.

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