Veena Malik’s ‘cancerous’ tweets are written by someone else and no one knew

Actor has confessed she does not write her own tweets but stands by the thoughts shared.

Entertainment Desk October 31, 2021

Actor Veena Malik, who shares her thoughts on politics, entertainment and controversies unabashedly on Twitter, often using profanity and below the belt jokes, has revealed that her tweets are mostly penned by her team but represent her own views.

During a tête-a-tête with Waseem Badami, when confronted about her tweets, Malik said, “What happens on Twitter should stay on Twitter, not brought to Waseem Badami’s show. Also I feel that everyone has their own point of view.” To this Badami clarified that he was referring to her choice of words, not her opinions.

“No of course, everyone has the right to voice their opinions but maybe your choice of words can be better?” he remarked, to which Malik contested, “Lekin agar ap raat ko raat nahi kahoge to kya kahoge? Andhera hai? (But if you don’t call the night by its name, what will you call it? Will you say it’s dark?)”

The host then asked what Malik would do if the people she’s been addressing talked about her in the same manner, to which she maintained, “They’ve been doing that since a while now. But I feel I’m still being kind with my choice of words, the reality is much bitter.”

Following this, when the host read out some of her controversial tweets against opposition leaders including Pakistan Muslim League’s Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, she appeared clueless about their meaning. “You wrote these tweets, yet you do not seem to know what I am talking about,” the anchor asked her, to which she did not have a response.

She then revealed that the views shared reflect her thoughts but the words can be someone else’s… “The point of views are always mine but the words mostly aren’t. A lot of my views are formed after reading people’s views on Twitter. I take it from the people. But my tweets are always original and some may be shared by me, while others are penned by my team.”

To the surprise of Badami and many on Twitter, she went on to claim that she “cannot write Urdu” this perfectly. “So does that mean Veena Malik has outsourced her Twitter account?” Badami asked in response, but the Super Model actor assured that wasn’t the case.

“You said Azmat Saeed should hold an inquiry into the Hudaibiya Papers case. Who is Azmat Saeed? What is the Hudaibiya inquiry?” the anchor asked to verify whether Malik was aware of the things she spoke off on her handle. Malik first asked when this tweet was from and then replied, “Actually news came out about Azmat Saeed and I had shared it as is in my tweet."

Badami also questioned her about her views on Professor Pervez Hoodbhoy’s uncalled for statements on women in hijab, provided she had tweeted against him too. To this, Malik appeared clueless at first but then said, “So many women in hijabs are pilots and engineers. See, when someone says things like that, one needs to use harsh words to get their point across. Thus, I stand by my Twitter and I don’t believe in sugar coating.”

In the follow-up segment, Malik slammed Aurat March, mocked Arnab Goswami, expressed sympathy for Pakistani TikTokers and lauded Khalilur Rehman Qamar while criticizing Marvi Sirmed.

She said, “Aurat March is a sham. Khalilur Rehman Qamar sahab is a modern day philosopher and I don’t think she [Marvi Sirmed] should have used women’s rights to further her own agendas. If anyone wants to do anything for women in this country, there are many ways to do it. I am going to start an NGO for women and children soon.”

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Mahmood Ayub | 1 year ago | Reply

What a total uneducated person Veena Malik is. Just reading her responses shows how clueless she is about subjects that she talks about.

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