Ahsan Iqbal lambasts govt on accountability

Says NAB under current chief only looks at faces, not the case itself

Our Correspondent October 07, 2021
Planning and Development Minister Ahsan Iqbal. PHOTO: PID


Former Federal Minister and Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader Ahsan Iqbal has said that the entire government is in a state of intoxication and the hardships of the people are visible in the midst of high unemployment and inflation while the government lives on another planet.

This apathetic government is cracking down on protesters, he said, adding that we condemn the violent stance taken against young doctors.

Talking to media outside the accountability court on Wednesday, Ahsan Iqbal said that Narowal Sports City was a national project which was sacrificed for politics. If Narowal Sports City's international standard facilities were made available, Pakistani athletes could be seen at the victory stands in the Olympics, but unfortunately this plan fell victim to the ego of the government, he claimed.

This case was only imposed for character assassination as the Narowal project was funded with the permission of all relevant forums, he alleged.

NAB under the current chairman only looks at faces not the case itself, he claimed. If the face belongs to the opposition, then there is certain jail and if the face belongs to the government, then flour, sugar, electricity, Rapid Transit Bus (BRT) and oil can be stolen while NAB remains blindfolded, he asserted.

Ahsan alleged that the government is determined to retain the current NAB chairman at all costs as the purpose of the government ordinance is to save one person’s seat and use it for their own designs. Unilateral amendments are being planned to run the accountability process according to the government's agenda, he added.

He said that the government and the opposition should consult together on the appointment of the NAB chairman.

He said that we hadn’t even gotten over the coronavirus pandemic as yet and the dengue epidemic has gotten out of control due to the incompetence of the government.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the government is playing with the future of Pakistan's young doctors and it should immediately withdraw Pakistan Medical Commission’s (PMC) condemnable decision. He argued that we are fighting the coronavirus at this time and these doctors are our front line against the pandemic.

The Prime Minister has directed the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to examine voter lists, he said threatening that if the NADRA chairman follows this instruction, an Article 6 case will be registered against him. The constitution has only given the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) the right to check voter lists, he argued.

As there is a lack of national consensus on the e-voting machine (EVM), the government has hatched an electronic rigging scheme, he alleged adding that they are planning to cheat through the EVMs.
Ahsan stated that the worst inflation tsunami is about to break as Pakistan's rupee is spinning like a football and the government has borrowed over Rs15 trillion.

Imran Khan used to lash out against the PML-N saying that they are drowning the country in debts yet they are themselves the biggest thieves and robbers and have destroyed the country, he claimed. The incompetence of the government can adversely affect the national security institutions and the country, he added.

Ahsan asserted that the Pandora Papers have exposed the government and the corruption of Imran Khan and his ministers has been advertised all over the world. Government ministers whose names have appeared in the Pandora Papers should resign, he demanded.

The finance minister has lost his legitimacy after being named in the scandal which may affect institutions, he said. If the court does not seize all the relevant records, then the government will definitely tamper with them, he added.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the stories of PML-N’s corruption by the government are only fantasy tales of Alif Laila, adding that the law of Pakistan will prevail here not the law of Bani Gala. He claimed that those who came carrying the slogans of accountability have been exposed themselves.

Under the PML-N, roads were completed by Pak Army’s subsidiary the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) which is highly respected by China and the Pakistani nation, he claimed adding that when you complete your own projects, compare them with ours.

Commenting on Fawad Chaudhry's argument Ahsan said if his reasoning is accepted as correct and Shahbaz Sharif is removed for consultation with chairman NAB, then the Prime Minister also has ongoing inquiries. “Mr. Fawad, consider your argument”, he contended, “if you are willing to change the Prime Minister, we will change the Leader of the Opposition.”

“Imran did not sell a watch, he sold the dignity of the Pakistani nation”, Ahsan exclaimed adding that the nation cannot forgive such an immense insult.

“Having destroyed the country, the dignity of the Pakistani nation has now been sold”, he bellowed. Ahsan said that if the Prime Minister is truthful, then he should present the details of all the gifts to the nation immediately adding that if he is unable to do so, then he has stolen and sold the gifts.

“The captain is not Sadiq or Ameen, he is a watch thief”, exclaimed Ahsan Iqbal.


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