South Punjab: Wahab links new province to vote for PPP

Published: August 16, 2011
“You don’t have to protest for a separate province, it is your right,” Wahab told the people.

“You don’t have to protest for a separate province, it is your right,” Wahab told the people.


Former information minister Fouzia Wahab has called upon the people of south Punjab to support the Pakistan Peoples Party in the next general elections if they wanted a separate province.

She was speaking to media in Multan on Monday before leaving for Sanawan to attend a ceremony to distribute keys to 300 houses among families affected by last summer’s flood. The houses have been built under a joint project of the PPP and the Bahria Town for rehabilitation of the flood affected people.

Wahab said her party respected the demand for a separate province. She said the people of the region must vote for the PPP so that it can take ‘tough decisions’ in their favour.

She criticised the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and said that the party was offering lip-service to the demand for a Seraiki province.

“The Sharif brothers have spent billions of rupees from taxpayers’ money on the construction of a few roads in Lahore,” she said.

Wahab said President Asif Ali Zardari would soon visit Multan and discuss the issue of a Seraiki province with the stakeholders.

She said the PPP had 22 National Assembly seats from the southern districts of Punjab and that the only way the people could hope to get their separate province was by electing the party in the next general elections.

“You don’t have to protest for a separate province, it is your right,” she told the people.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 16th, 2011.

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Reader Comments (4)

  • Mirza
    Aug 16, 2011 - 8:07PM

    No matter who says what, PPP has taken the lead on this issue. If the new province is popular in S. Punjab, then PPP would gain local support and more votes from the area. However, if the S. Punjab is happy to be ruled by distant Lahore Throne, then PML-N would be a big winnner. It is the local people’s choice no matter what the “outsiders” say.


    Sep 12, 2011 - 12:05PM

    Seraiki is a different language and identity.
    Please do not call it South Punjab.
    Basis of Serraiki demand for a separate
    province is different language, identity,
    attitudes and culture. Further, all the new provinces
    in India have been created on the basis of language
    and not for adminstrartive reasons.


    Sep 12, 2011 - 12:50PM

    No need for any more provinces. This will only create more corrupt assembly more looter ministers and more misery. What the nation got from 4 provinces that it will get from 10 more?
    People of PAK are so “poisoned” on the basis of firqa and ethnicity that NO one thinks of himself as a PAK. This “province card” is being used by ppp to hide its failure in last 3 years. Shame on people of SOUTH PUNJAB for not reaching to PPP collars. People of PAK are so blinded by “vested interest” that every time the politicians bring a new show from their hat and keep them fooled for next election.

    Which part of country this gov has delivered (or even PMLnq ANP MQM etc) that they will deliver IF a new province is formed. Recommend

  • Sep 12, 2011 - 2:54PM

    Play the ethnic card like you have always done .. PPP you are the worst of the lot ..


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