Indian army general thinks Shaan, Umair Jaswal are soldiers martyred in Panjshir

The actors took to Twitter to retweet pictures of themselves in military uniform in response

Entertainment Desk September 12, 2021

An Indian army general recently took to Twitter to share the photos of Pakistani soldiers who were allegedly martyred in Panjshir valley. However, the general was subjected to mass trolling on social media since the pictures shared were actually of actors Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal and Bilal Ashraf from the sets of the 2017 film Yalghaar.  

It all started when Major General GD Bakshi of the Indian armed forces tweeted out a message about the alleged killing of Pakistani soldiers in Panjshir valley. 

Trolling Bakshi in response, a user tweeted out a picture of the actors claiming they were his “class fellows”. The user wrote, “My class fellow from school days Maj Aijaj 2nd from left and Capt Jufar 1st from left embraced martyrdom in Panjshir. They were buried yesterday in Peshawar. ISPR is trying to hide these casualties. They fought bravely and should be honoured as such. This is injustice by Pak Army.” 

Thinking the user was being serious, another Indian army general retweeted the picture, asserting how Pakistan had “disowned its dead” and buried them at night to “avoid publicity”. 

Shaan took to Twitter to add to the trolling. The actor tweeted out a picture of his character as well as the poster of the film, writing, “Hello from the other side. Pakistan Zindabad.” 

Umair also responded in a similar manner. 

A Pakistani user responded to the fiasco by taking a jab at the Indian army generals, tweeting out a picture of Ahad Raza Mir from Ehd-e-Wafa, writing, “Captain Saad was my classmate in college, his wife is also a doctor in Army. He got martyred in Panjshir but Army is showing his death as a car accident. He deserves better than this for sacrificing his life for Pakistan.”

Another tweeted about this intense Indian army operation to capture a Pakistani F-16.

And finally, one user tweeted out a picture of the Indian team responsible for the attack.



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