Amna Ilyas apologises partly for 'disgusting, humiliating' viral kick video

Actor has justified her antics by calling them a part of the act but taken responsibility for disrespecting 'rizq'.

Entertainment Desk September 06, 2021

Amna Ilyas, who was dragged through social media recently for uploading a controversial video, took to Instagram yesterday evening to apologise partly for the content she posted.

Posting another video alongside the person she was seen kicking in the last, Ilyas wrote in the caption, “To all you lovely fans out there, meet Nigel. He is not my house help. He is an actor and my nephew.”

This video sees Nigel making fun of the people who felt sorry for him, as he goes on to reinstate that he would’ve liked it better if they could help him financially by getting him an acting job. He also shared his disappointment at the viewers who assumed he was Ilyas’ house help, simply because of his complexion. “70% of you just looked at my skin colour and assumed that because I’m dark, I must be the house help,” he remarked with a sigh.

Ilyas, on the other hand, went on to justify her antics by calling them a part of the act. “World over, when actors rehearse, they either cheat a slap or when method acting, actually slap their subject on the face. But you people won’t understand that. So as for the apple, I agree that it was in bad taste of me to disrespect it, and I apologise.”

The model, who doesn’t shy away from calling spade a spade, has been quite active on the photo and video sharing app of late, posting 'hilarious' clips for a 'harmless' fun. But her latest video wasn't amusing to say the least. In it, the Ready Steady No actor attempted to kick an apple on a man's head, missing the mark entirely, resulting in a blow to his face. She captioned it, "Bullseye."

Soon after, many called her out for 'humiliating' the person in the clip and some also assumed him to be her house help. Others asked how she would feel if the genders were reversed. Some also slammed her for disrespecting food, in this case, the apple meant to be kicked.

Nevertheless, here’s hoping Ilyas refrains from glorifying violence for fun, irrespective of whoever it is directed at, and does not repeat the same mistake twice. Thankfully, the Baaji actor has also removed the video from her Instagram handle.

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