Just because you work doesn't mean you respect your husband less: Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf opens up about controversial statements alongside husband Shahroz Sabzwari on 'Time Out with Ahsan Khan'

Entertainment Desk September 06, 2021

Popular celebrity couple Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal have seen their fair share of the spotlight, but not always for the right reasons. Most recently, the two landed in hot water and faced an outpour of public outrage for their comments on feminism and Aurat March, where they reiterated the supposed importance of traditional gender roles. The lovebirds, who tied the knot last year, recently made an appearance on Time Out with Ahsan Khan to set the record straight and clear the air, offering clarifications for their comments and shedding light on their life as a married couple. 

When asked what led to the two becoming husband and wife, Shahroz explained that, following his tumultuous divorce with ex-wife actor Syra Yousuf, he saw a great life partner in Sadaf. The pair had performed at a show in Norway, where they first became friends, with one thing leading to another and ultimately their decision to marry. Speaking of their initial meeting, Shahroz shared, “We hit it off and became friends. When we got back from Norway, we were still friends, and following whatever I had recently been through in life, I always wanted a life partner.” Speaking of what drew him to his now-wife, the actor shared, “I saw her, and the way she is, respectful and friendly.” 

Shedding light on what he went through following the controversy that arose with the announcement of his marriage to Sadaf, Shahroz revealed that his father, veteran actor Behroze Sabzwari, guided him through the media storm. “The sanest voice in my life at the time was my father. He said, ‘Shahroz, you are honest, you haven’t done anything wrong. God will reward you for your patience. Stay silent and let people make all the noise they want. Don’t give them any explanations.’ I still provided people with an explanation because things were getting out of hand,” said the actor.  

Elaborating further on the video Shahroz shared to his Instagram clarifying his position in face of the controversy, he shared, “What else could I have done? My family doesn’t include just me and my parents. There are a lot of people in the family. A lot of people who come from different kinds of cities weren’t expecting such bad comments underneath my photographs. So, they didn’t like that. I made a video for them, and the rest is history.”

When asked about the statements she made during an interview where she stressed the importance of the traditional roles of wives and blamed “liberals” for feminism, Sadaf shared, “I never asked other women to do this also. It’s just my love for my husband.”  

On how her career in modelling may have had a bearing on the reaction and subsequent criticism, she said, “People dug out my old videos, calling me out for saying what I did and questioning why I have changed.”  

The model continued, “ [People asked] how can she pick up his clothes and his shoes when she herself has been so modern? What does this have to do with me being modern? It’s just the love I have for my husband and I will always take care of him.”  

Sadaf added that she felt the reaction was so intense because she does not look like someone who would engage in domestic tasks. She asserted, “People took what I said to heart because I look like someone who doesn’t do any work, even though I’m a really good cook and I do all the things around the house that even you [Ahsan] wouldn’t know how to do.” 

Following Sadaf’s comments, Shahroz chimed in on how other people felt “threatened” by the model. He elaborated, “People were feeling so threatened by her, they were thinking that Sadaf is a working woman and if she can serve her husband and her husband is serving her, so we can’t use working as a licence to come home and demand that people not even speak to us.” 

Sadaf added further, “I work and so does Shahroz, but it’s important to respect your husband as much as he wants. Just because you both work, doesn’t mean you respect your husband less. This is wrong. They’re saying things like ‘apna khaana khud garam karein’, and that can’t happen. I am going to warm up his food because that’s my love for him.” This was followed by a quick clarification by the couple, with Sadaf stressing, “People don’t have to do it, but I will.”

Sharing how, when given the opportunity, Shahroz likes to engage in acts of service for his wife as well, the actor said, “Picking up shoes and handing clothes, she is my wife, my partner, if she asks me to go pick up her shoes, I won’t get one pair, I’ll get four.”  

Speaking about her relationship with Shahroz’s daughter with Syra, Sadaf shared, “Nooreh and I have a beautiful bond. We’re like friends. She calls me Sadaf and I call her Nooreh or Nooru with love. She’s such a loveable and loving child. She’s just Sherry. She’s another Sherry.” 

On the child’s remarkable upbringing, Shahroz was quick to credit her mother. He explained that their daughter lives with her mother, but visits often. “She lives with Syra because she is her mother, and mothers are the ones who can truly educate the child. I just enjoy with Nooreh. Once she’s a little older and starts understanding things a little bit better, that’s when the father’s work gets involved. Right now she sleeps and wakes up with her mother. Dads are there to spoil you and that’s what I do,” said the actor. 

Shahroz added that he would never want his daughter to be away from her mother, sharing, “We always wanted her to maintain her relationship with her mother because that is the priority. We never even thought of anything different.”

On how many kids he’d like to have, Shahroz revealed, “I love kids, but it’s up to Sadaf because she is the woman. This is her decision.” After which Sadaf responded saying she would like to have three children, adding, “We have one daughter. Now I pray that God gives us three sons.” 


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