Most of the women I met in the industry were fake, Hina was an exception: Aagha Ali

The 'Band Khirkiyan' actor recently spoke about his work and marriage to actor Hina Altaf

Entertainment Desk August 24, 2021

Actor Aagha Ali, known for his roles in television series like Dil-e-Gumshuda, is all set to make his directorial debut. The actor’s upcoming directorial venture Raat, will be available for streaming on Urduflix. The lead roles in the film will be essayed by Ali and his wife actor Hina Altaf.

While speaking to Urdu News, Ali talked about his upcoming venture and shared, “This is an hour-long suspense-thriller. The film will be available for streaming late this month, and I have produced and directed it myself.”

Ali and Altaf, who tied the knot last year, previously hosted The Couple Show together. Speaking about his experience hosting with his wife, the actor explained, “I really enjoyed doing the show with my wife because it's a way to spend quality time together. If I was hosting the show with some other person who I did not know so well, it would have been a little difficult for me.”

Revealing how their relationship progressed from one of colleagues to that of husband and wife, Ali shared, “I met a lot of women while working. I ended up becoming friends with quite a few, but most of them were rather pretentious. They weren’t really like who they were pretending to be. When I worked with Hina, her realness really stood out. She isn’t fake at all. She’s honest and minds her own business.”

Ali spoke of the joy he feels when his wife’s work is appreciated. He said, “Hina is a great actor. I would give her a nine and a half on 10 in acting."

The actor went on to share that he does not have many friends in the industry. “Most of my friends are from outside of the entertainment industry, and if I do have friends in the industry, they are few in number. Ali Safina is a great friend of mine,” he revealed.

Several industry couples are known for their public displays of affection on social media towards their significant others. When asked why Ali and Altaf do not share any such content, the actor explained, “The distinction between personal and professional life exists for a reason. I don’t like taking pictures with my wife in different corners of my home and posting them on social media because I feel the life I lead inside my home is mine and it should stay personal.”

He continued, “It’s not like we never post any pictures on social media together. We post our couple pictures on Eid because we are public figures. As for the celebrities who routinely post their pictures online, perhaps it brings them joy. In reality, when these celebrities don’t get attention for their work, they resort to sharing their personal lives for attention.”

Ali mentioned that he and Altaf manage most of their housework alone. “We do 70% of our housework ourselves. On our days off, we do household chores together and cook together.”

On how he proposed to Altaf, the actor shared,  “One day I asked Hina what her thoughts were on marriage, and she responded positively, after which I spoke to my mother about it. My mother said to me that if the girl is good-natured then I shouldn't delay it further. I then spoke to Hina’s father and proceeded to make her my wife.”

In a previous appearance on Time Out With Ahsan Khan, the couple elaborated on the simple proposal and all that followed. “Both of our lives were very relatable to each other, and after we became friends, when I asked her about the idea of life, Hina said that ‘I want to get married and I want to get settled and all, and my mother knows that there is a friend of mine and I like her,” shared Ali.

“The proposal was just as simple. I told Hina on the phone, you know, you want to get settled in life, I want to get settled in life, so let’s get settled in life,” explained the actor.

Altaf added during the interview that she believes there was an understanding between them before marriage, but love came after. “I knew what Aagha was like, Aagha knew what I was like, so basically you know what they say, love and this and that, that happened after marriage. So that’s why we cherish our relation properly. We’re happy.”


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