Landlord slits servant’s throat in front of dera

Ahmed said Yousuf was involved with his daughter.

Express August 15, 2011

VEHARI: A local landlord slit the throat of his servant and laid his body outside his house on Sunday. Police arrested the accused and recovered the body.

According to police officials, Kahror Pakka resident landlord Manzoor Ahmed killed his servant Muhammad Yousuf for having developed relations with his daughter. Manzoor told police Yousuf had been working at his house for the past ten years. “He came here when he was a boy and he grew up working for me,” he said.

“When my daughter said she wanted to marry him I found out what was happening and I had to make an example of him,” he told police officials.

A servant at the house said that Ahmed’s daughter and Yousuf had grown up playing together and fell in love.

“When Yousuf feared Ahmed would find out he left his job and began working for Aslam Warraich in a neighbouring village,” the servant said.

“Ahmed’s men followed him and brought him back and then he killed him and put the body outside the gate for everyone to see,” she said.

He was missing for three days and his family members went to Manzoor’s house and inquired about him, police officials said.

Residents in the village said that three days ago Ahmed’s men brought Yousuf to his dera in the middle of the night.

“They held him in a room and beat him till he was near dead.

Then Ahmed brought him outside and called us all to watch him slit his throat,” said a village resident Muhammad Baloch. “He said that this was what happened to anyone who attacked his honour,” he said.

The landlord told police that he called Yousuf to his house three days ago and mixed intoxicants in his food and later slaughtered him. Saddar police recovered the body from the house and recorded Manzoor’s statement. “We have taken Manzoor Ahmed into custody and registered a case against him.

He has openly announced his crime and dozens of people saw him kill Yousuf. He said he had no regrets and that Yousuf deserved death for dishonouring his family and his daughter,” police inspector Muhammad Naz said.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 15th, 2011.