We fear for our lives: Mehwish, Kubra, Ushna scared for women’s safety in Pakistan

Celebrities express shock and grief on social media after the assault of a woman by 400 men in Lahore

Entertainment Desk August 19, 2021

The violent assault of a female TikToker during Independence Day celebrations at Greater Iqbal Park, which houses the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, has sparked mass outrage across the country. Several prominent celebrities took to Twitter to speak about the fear women feel as a result of such heinous crimes. They went on to add on how the country is not a safe place for women.

Actor Mehwish Hayat tweeted out a message about the shock she felt after hearing the news. She explained that the mere existence of a woman in a public space has become enough to provoke men into committing violent crimes against her. The actor wrote, “Yet again, I’m left shocked and speechless. Any decent society should have dignity, security, and respect for women. Seems this doesn’t apply to us. Now a woman just being in a place is provocation enough for her to be groped. I sincerely fear for every daughter of Pakistan. God save us!”

Actor Ushna Shah echoed the same sentiment, speaking about how the nation has failed to protect its women. "There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already. I am afraid… for myself, for all of us. What else has to happen for every single person to accept the fact that women are not safe in Pakistan. Women are not safe,” she wrote.

On how the assaulters did not even care for the sanctity of the holy month of Muharram, actor Kubra Khan tweeted, “1 Girl. 400 men. Muharram. Am I angry? disgusted? Yes. More than that, I’m scared. Terrified for the safety of our daughters, sisters, mothers. The height of beghairati [shamelessness] had been crossed long ago, but the animals of Pakistan, had you no shame? No fear of Allah?"

Actor Ali Rehman Khan tweeted about how the onus of responsibility lies on the shoulder of men alone, and how they have always been the ones at fault when it comes to violence against women. 400 barbaric men including young boys. This is the training they receive thinking it’s okay to behave like animals. This country is a breeding ground for raising vile savage men. The men ARE the problem and our women have never been safe. My blood boils,” he wrote.

The victim stated in her complaint lodged with the Lari Adda police station that she was filming a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on August 14 along with her friends when a mob of around 400 people attacked them. She alleged that the mob picked her up and started tossing her in the air. “I was stripped and my clothes were torn apart,” she said.

Non-bailable clauses have been added to the FIR against the culprits, Punjab CM’s focal person Azhar Mashwani said on Wednesday.


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