Celebrate the spirit of independence with PSO's impeccable campaign 'The Sounds of Freedom'

The patriotic ad aims to imprint the message of acceptance and freedom in the hearts of every Pakistani

Pakistan State Oil
Press Release


74 years to independence. The day is celebrated across the nation to pay tribute to the zenith of Muslims’ epic struggle for a separate homeland. It’s a day where Pakistanis come together to honour the struggles and sacrifices made by countless people, including our forefathers who stood firm to achieve independence for us. Once again, PSO, a progressive energy company, has come up with a stupendous campaign that spruces up patriotism in every Pakistani-regardless of their race, colour, religion, or gender.

The brand has always been at the forefront of keeping the wheels of the nation in motion, but this time them have taken their efforts up a notch by coming up with a much-needed initiative to promote diversity and inclusivity. They want every Pakistani to take a moment to envision Jinnah’s Pakistan - a nation that is diverse, tolerant, and progressive.

The Sounds of Freedom campaign rolled out by the upbeat brand probes every Pakistani to renew their pledge of building a better homeland. The inspiring ad features several people singing the national anthem while celebrating the Independence Day in their own distinct manner. From including different genders to ethnicities, professions, religions, and other things that sometimes divide humanity, the ad takes us on a remarkable journey that teaches us an important message about individuality and inclusivity. You’ll see ecstatic truck drivers and brave female bikers, transgenders and especially abled, farmers and labourers, and Sikhs and Muslims, each one humming to the catchy tunes of our prestigious national anthem and owning it.

PSO has managed to imprint the message of acceptance and the freedom in the hearts of the nation with the underlying message that every voice you hear might have a story of its own; a story towards freedom. The ad tugs at our heartstrings and makes us feel the power of true freedom. It makes us realise the importance of moving forward in the spirit of being one, because regardless of how similar or how different we might be, at the end of the day we are all Pakistanis!

#PSOSoundsOfFreedom effortlessly captures the essence of diversity. The shot where the specially-abled girl uses sign language to croon along makes our heart melt! Interestingly, PSO not only empowers people to keep their differences aside, it also powers each diverse vehicle used in the ad.

Whether it’s a motor bike or a scooty Vespa, a heavy bike, school van or car, jeep, tractor, or a Hilux, #PSO is committed to fuel the journey of the nation.


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