Relationships should not be publicised: Nimra Khan

Actor, who allegedly parted ways with her husband recently, touched upon elements that destroy relationships today.

Entertainment Desk August 05, 2021

Actor Nimra Khan, who tied the knot in April 2020 and allegedly separated from her husband later that year, recently appeared on Naumaan Ijaz’s talk show to open up about the reasons behind relationships failing nowadays.

When the show’s co-host politely asked her why she deleted pictures with her allegedly former husband from social media, the Blind Love actor became uncomfortable and requested for the matter to not be discussed.

Provided that aside from sharing snippets, the actor never really discussed her relationship in public, the Uraan starlet went on to assert that certain things should not be available for the world to see or comment on.

The actor went on to cite the publicity of personal relationships on social media as a major reason for them to be ruined. “Rishton ki numaish nahi karni chahiye (relationships should not be publicised),” she said. The actor added, “A big reason why relationships are failing nowadays is because instead of coming to conclusions based on our own experiences, we have started settling for people’s advice on social.”

Nimra went on to assert that “many people have also started monetizing on their relationships. I see so many people getting married to someone just because they’re famous. There are so many artists – I will not name them – who also resort to negative comments just so they can have a clout.”

In September 2020, several speculated whether Nimra had gotten divorced or separated from her husband after she shared pictures of herself from an ‘accident’. Many asked whether her injuries were really the result of tripping down from a flight of stairs or domestic abuse.

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