Miracles of motherhood: Hassan Hayat Khan in awe of wife Sadia Ghaffar

Actor penned a detailed account of daughter’s birth, his journey of reaching the hospital in time amid few hurdles

Entertainment Desk August 04, 2021

Pakistani artists Hassan Hayat Khan and Sadia Ghaffar recently embraced parenthood as the two welcomed their first daughter Raya Hayat Khan last month. Khan, who had tied the knot with fellow actor Ghaffar last year in an intimate ceremony, ecstatically announced the birth of his baby on Instagram. 

Upon receiving overwhelming messages from loved ones asking about his experience, the actor decided to pen down a detailed account of his daughter’s birth and his journey of getting to the hospital coupled with few hurdles. 

The Bhool actor was set to fly to Los Angeles on July 5 where he’d meet his wife as the time for his daughter’s birth nears. However, it seems like fate had other plans for them. “While driving back home at a late hour, I got a call from my Travel Agent that my flight to LA had been cancelled and there were no possible alternative flights at that moment,” the singer-turned-actor began.

Determined to be there for his wife while she goes through the most beautiful yet demanding process of becoming a mother, Hassan didn’t give up hope. He wrote, “I begged the agent to look for any flight, from any country to any layover as long as it got me to the States. And I slept on it. The next morning, I woke up to 16 missed calls from my agent – I called him back and he told me that he got me an early morning flight on July 4”. 

During his flight, which would now take him to the States a day earlier than he was supposed to, he pondered over how miracles truly work and thanked the Almighty for somehow making it work. Khan decided to share his surprise with his wife during the layover but little did he know he was also going to get much bigger news in return. “She told me that her doctor had admitted her as she went into labor”, he wrote. 

It was at that moment that he realised how helpless he is. “The twists never end, I was still half a day far from my strong-willed wife, half a day far from being the luckiest man on the planet, half a day from laying eyes on the most beautiful child this earth has ever seen, half a day from achieving all my dreams I had brewed over the past 9 months.”

“Heart pumping, hands trembling, palms sweating - I sit on my next flight from Istanbul to Los Angeles hoping, praying, begging, asking for yet another miracle in less than 12 hours,” wrote Khan. He was not only worried about missing his daughter’s birth but was constantly worried about his wife’s health as well. He shared how he felt almost all the emotions one could feel during those 13 hours. 

As he tried to gather his thoughts inflight, Khan wrote, “Every time during the flight when I lost Wi-Fi I feared the worst. How will she be feeling? What would be the pain like, are the doctors treating her well or worse, has the baby been delivered already? 
For some agonising 13 hours, I had small phases of happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety - all happening at once”. 

There was also a time when the actor shared he almost gave up. “Bearing in mind my wife had been in labor pain for 12 hours, I felt selfish asking for such a miracle. At times I prayed to Allah that relieve her of the pain, so what if I don’t get to see the birth, I’ll see her soon,” 

Soon after landing in the States, Khan was finally walking into the hospital room to finally meet his daughter. “It wasn’t scripted, it wasn’t fiction, it wasn’t dreamy, it was as real as it gets.” He marvelled at the courage of his wife and wrote, “To witness the process of how a woman brings life into this world is not only beautiful but is also meaningful. They say mothers have Paraside under their feet, I literally witnessed how Sadia got that reward.”  

After 13 hours of pain and agony “I finally heard a cry, I heard an angel for the first time, I heard a voice that was so surreal I could keep listening to all my life – at 7:29 am on July 5, Raya Hayat Khan came into her mother’s lap for the first time,” he wrote. 

Despite all the hurdles and obstacles, the moment their daughter was in front of them they forgot about everything else.”The rest is history, our lives will never be the same; our moments will never be just about us, our life memoirs will stop being about a couple and more about Raya.”

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