AJK rallies testament of people's support for Sharif: Maryam

Says PML-N supremo can't be subjected to 'minus-one formula'; asks people not to spare anyone stealing their vote

Our Correspondent July 18, 2021


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz said on Sunday that those who spoke of the "minus-one formula" for Nawaz should see how he has turned out to be "a plus" in Azad Kashmir.

Addressing her party's election rally in the region, the PML-N leader said, "Sharif's name is echoing everywhere, from Dheerkot to Neelum Valley."

Maryam claimed that AJK had created a new chapter in its history by supporting the PML-N.

"I'm glad that Nawaz Sharif's sacrifices have borne fruit and have not gone to waste," she said. "Those talking about the minus formula should see how Sharif is becoming a plus, plus and plus with every passing day."

Turning her guns towards the ruling party, Maryam said, "The 'selected' visited the government's rally in Bagh. They organised a rally because their candidate there has no links with the PTI."

That candidate, she added, is an “ATM machine and [Prime Minister] Imran Khan visits those who have money, not those who are poor”.

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"The 'selected', who asks people for their votes, wasted the taxpayers' money on helicopter rides. But despite spending millions, they were rejected by the people. You were rejected by the people from Karachi to Khyber," Maryam remarked.

The PML-N leader termed the upcoming AJK elections a "revolution". "July 25 is the day to restore the respect of votes and safeguard them," she added.

Warning those she claimed were in a habit of stealing votes, Maryam advised the people of AJK to "not spare anyone caught stealing their votes".

A day earlier, the PML-N vice president warned the ruling PTI, "which stole the [general] polls", that any attempt to stop her party in the upcoming AJK elections would be dealt with severely.

The PML-N leader said that the opponents were watching the election campaign of the PML-N in AJK and were distressed about it.

“The PTI is greeted with rotten eggs and shoes [wherever it goes].”

Maryam said the PML-N was no longer the party that it was in 2018.

“This is a party that catches ‘vote thieves’ and finds votes in the fog,” she maintained. “This is not 2018 in which you blocked the RTS. If you steal the AJK elections from us, Kashmiris will not spare you.”


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