Intra-party rift: Ghous Ali Shah lashes out at own party leaders

Warns against ‘attempts to sideline’ him.

Express August 14, 2011


Former Sindh chief minister Ghous Ali Shah, a key leader of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz in the province, has lashed out at the PML-N leadership for what he characterises as an attempt to  sideline him from the party’s politics.

At a press conference held in Karachi on Saturday, Shah spoke angrily against what he called “an attempt to knock me out of Sindh politics”. The former chief minister was recently made a senior vice president at the national level of the PML-N but views that position as ceremonial.

When asked how his remarks might be received by his party’s leadership, Shah said: “If they [PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif] attempt to sideline me, I have different options available to me. But removing me [from PML-N Sindh] would not be easy for them.”

He also said, however that “Nawaz Sharif is also a human. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Being a human, he can also make wrong decisions against which workers protest is legitimate.”

Shah reportedly wants to be made the provincial president of the PML-N. There are two other contenders for the PML-N Sindh’s leadership: Syed Hafeezuddin and Salim Zia. The PML-N’s support in Sindh seems to be divided along ethnic lines and Shah made allusions in this regard, too.

“The real source of the problem [in the party] are people from outside Sindh,” he said in a veiled reference to his two other opponents.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 14th, 2011.


Kamran | 11 years ago | Reply

@Anwar Ali Shah: Oh Brother of mine, When Nawaz Sharif himself is undermining Shah Sahib in Sindh, since 2009, and he only returned in 2008, then how do you think things will improve. That's the reason Shah sahib has been lashing out at him because whereeer he goes he hears this " The Punjabi had always betrayed you and is still doing so today; why are you with him? If he cannot keep even you happy, the man who's supported him through everything, where will be our place. Until and unless we see that Mian Sahib genuinely is trying, by installing you as unopposed leader, as you can mediate between parties and command genuine respect from the poor and the Wadera's of Sindh alike, only then will we seriously reconsider working with Mian Sahib. Until now, he is BEWAFAA. Shah sahib is very good, the team he is working with takes him for granted.

Anwar Ali Shah | 11 years ago | Reply

@Kamran - I am not apposing Shah Sahib but reality is reality. On ground situation is going against Shah Sahib, unfortunately Shah Sahib did not support and protect the faithful workers of PMLN and could not place/handle them according to their status. He was and is failure to convince the real high profile politicians/social groups to join or support PMLN in Sindh and he could not make grounds in any constituency of Sindh where any one can win election on the Ticket of PMLN without any other support. I think you know very well if you belong to Sindh that the PMLN have no any seat from where any ticket holder can win without any other support like PPP win the seats.

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