Nadia Jamil feels humiliated, helpless after British Airways staff abandoned her

Actor, who recently beat cancer, shared a video to document the negligence that left her in tears.

Entertainment Desk July 04, 2021

Nadia Jamil, who recently successfully beat cancer after battling the disease for a year, has complained about the British Airways staff after having a bad experience post flight. Taking to her Twitter, the actor, who’s known to wear her strength gracefully amid any distress, has shared how she’s never felt so humiliated, intimidated and helpless in her life.

She has claimed the British Airways staff left her sleeping alone in a terminal, despite knowing that she was on an immovable wheel chair and could not have carried herself and her three suitcases back to Cambridge from Heathrow.

“It takes a lot to drain positivity out of me @British_Airways,” she tweeted. “I’ve never been so intimidated, humiliated and helpless in my life. Your staff left me sleeping alone on terminal 5. How did you expect me to wheelchair myself and 3 suitcases back to Cambridge from Heathrow? Kindness counts!” added Jamil.

Following this, Jamil also shared a video to show her fans how she had in fact been abandoned. “My nose is red because I’ve been howling and crying,” she said. “This is British Airways, that’s my luggage, here’s my wheelchair with no wheel, so I can’t even push it myself, no attendant, no one to help me, they all just walked off, leaving me,” she continued.

In the same Twitter thread, she penned down, “Shocking! I came to the airport at 6:30pm, 11pm this is me; drained and alone. I had informed the staff of my health. Why would they leave me like this? I kept speaking out for someone 2 help. Everyone ignored me after off-loading me. At least help me a little. Bad show,” concluded Jamil.

In the comments of her tweet, actor Samina Peerzada also called out the airline writing, “What happened to you my dearest Nadia Jamil is not acceptable. Where is the kindness for a person on wheelchair? I am appalled!” Filmmaker Jami also chimed in saying, “This is shameful British Airways.” And when a user wrote, “I am so sorry Nadia, what’s the matter with you?” the actor responded saying, “post cancer nerve damage.”

Here’s hoping we all learn to become better human beings aside from being good employees.

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